Fuck The Lottery
New Way
Gang Mentality
Hate You
Delerium Tremens



Just Gets Worse
Mind Yer Own Business
No Confidence


State Rape
Divide and Rule
Fare Evasion
The Ladder
Drunken Voices
Tinpot Hitler
Parasite Monarchy
Times Hard


Fuck That Shit
Legacy of Bigotry
Labelled Inferior
Genetic code
Terror Breed
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Screaming City
Your World
Same Old Shit
Better of Dead
Does Your Mother Know



Time Waster
Walk Away
Breaking My Balls
System Error
Age Of Fear
Double Standards
Wouldnt Wanna
Never Know
Hows Your Father


Legacy of Bigotry
Walk Away
Fuck That Shit
Genetic Code



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I aint thinking so clearly
Drink smoking late night weary
This payback hurt so dearly
Hungover your sincerely

Im shaking mind quaking
Im living in a nightmare station

Post drunken dysfunction
Wall crawling up the junction
Mind body screams recovery
Got to get away time to cure me
Its not the same as it used to be
Its out to fuckin get me




Don’t wanna work don’t wanna job
Destined to be a drunken slob
Increase the intake membranes corrode
Slam the tequila watch me explode

Pissing out blood puking up bile
Think Ill give up boozing for a while

Blind from the booze my memory is erased
Woke up with stitches all over my face
Piss stained trousers purple nose




Biggest con since the Poll Tax
A poor mans dream they’ve given back
Dangle ten million in your face
Stupid fuckin suckers go and take the bait

Blindly give them your money
Keep it mate fuck the lottery

Be a millionaire wot a fucking con
Brand new drug the whole country is on
The money don’t go to help the starving nation
The fuckin opera house got 50 million




Why should we work for a pittance
Why do we dance to their tune
All you get is restrictions
All you see in rack and ruin

Arbeit macht frei - to hell with the new way
Roll on doomsday

More control is their solution
But the grip don’t tighten at all
Petrifying our evolution, when its fucked
How will it fall




Gang metality zero personality sad situation
Of a violent persuasion bar room casualties
Is the reality

Vendetta means existance
Crushing all resistance
Acting tough by the bar all night
Case the joint looking for a fight
Primate pride standing tall
Proud of what – fuck all




You might think we cant touch you
But the hatred runs strong
You’ve been spending too much time
Trying to put us down
I know where you belong coz we still

Hate you

Multinational misery
your whims control our fate
Millions of people in poverty
the new world you create
Arms dealer politician cunt
feel the threat of our hate




Enzyme imbalance from too much booze
Sanity and logic is what you lose
Hair trigger temper and choking thirst
I feel like my kidneys are gonna burst

Sleep deprivation - substance abuse
The beast within - just been set loose

Shakey and weak with blood red eyes
Delirium tremens riddle your mind
Relentless bombardment of chills and flashes
You just downed a beer full of butts and ashes

Sleep deprivation - substance abuse
The beast within - just been set loose

Shakey and weak with blood red eyes
Delirium tremens riddle your mind
Relentless bombardment of chills and flashes
You just downed a beer full of butts and ashes
But you gotta face the cold hard facts
Your nervous system is under attack

In come the spirits two-litres and tins
A session’s the cure you’ll do it again
Your hand grows steady with each sip
As the golden medicine pours over your lip




On the road about your daily business
Mirror give you a certain kind of sickness
Day now sour fuck knows they take the piss

Draggin me down - got it in for you
Draggin me down - nothin better to do
Draggin me down - our sort aint wanted
Draggin me down - just been sorted

Left to ponder what makes the old Bill tick
When you’re legit enough to make you sick
Their attitudes they got a fucking problem
Any wonder people think so much of them




You had your freedom but you sold it away
Youll get it back when you’re old and grey
Now you’re staring out the warehouse window
Just like a child waiting for dismissal

You look at us with contempt in your eyes
We’re the people you despise

Drowning in a sea of debt
Always pay in but what do you get
You’re so thick you cant see inside
You’re just a slave to conventional pride

Nine to five at a frantic pace
Your just a number with out a face
Two weeks freedom in a year
Sounds like a pretty shitty career




Breakdown of freedom war in the wind
New world orderly genocide the bloodshed begins
Terror tactics rape policy the old nightmare is
Here today you can watch it on your TV

Exterminate - lets watch the people bleeding
Exterminate - another engineered war
Exterminate - race hatred is in season
Exterminate - your credds against the law

Turn your heads away from the holocaust
Don’t think it will happen again
Hitler wasn’t the last
The world idly watches the mass bloody slaughter
How would you feel if a soldier raped your daughter




Im in such a fuckin state I don’t wanna see your face
Get the fuck off my case what you gonna do
Feel my heads gonna crack DSS on my back
All sides on attack so fuck you

So you had a fucked youth yeah think you saw the truth
Anger growing more acute blame your family
Things will always be the same swallow pride with the pain
When you go against the grain like you go and do

Frustration – alienation
My frustration – fuckin with a no win situation




Violence breeds - so does poverty
tribalism - gang reality
private estates - closed to you and me
what the fuck next - dont wanna wait and see

every city - ghettoisation
every fuckin place - class segregation
so this is it - civilisation
new order now- Global ordination

All the rumours - of conspiracy
Blind media - spreading apathy
When you cant believe - what you see and read
dont give me that - bullshit democracy




Theyre not solving the poverty trap
Instead theyre asking people to be rats
Fink on your neighbours its poor against poor
You get jealous when someone gets more
Mind yer business and watch yer back
you curtain twitching informant rat

Benefit rip off - give us a tip off
We re not playing that - so you can just fuck off

A nark a grass a lowlife fink
Your in the same boat but youre makng it sink
Spouting libel down the hotline phone
Getting people evicted and tossed out of home
What kind of person does it take
To turn your neighbour over to the state




This is not a positive reaction
This is not another plea for change
Nor a summons to seek some new direction
More a statement we still think the same

No confidence - no more in denial no pathetic pretence
Fucked up system - dismayed and dispondant with futile resistance

Cynical sceptic pessimism, the illusion
of hope has all but gone
been replaced by contempt and suspicion
ironic end millenium




A great buzz at first you had it all under control
The hunger grew worse you started slippin down the hole
You stopped going out and having fun with your friends
Its getting out of hand the yearning never fuckin ends

All the shit that youve inhected
The life you had's been disconnected
Break the chains and live again
Or pump that shit back in your vein

You feel kinda weak your health is going down the pan
You wanna break the habit but dunno if you can
Paranoid trebles but you dont really give a toss
Another mate croaks and you just mark it as another loss
You get kinda depressed when you think of the life that you once had
But all thats on your mind is where to get the next ten bag
Insular self destruction theres never a frown with golden brown
Inevitable OD will leave you lying 6 feet underground




On a daily basis we are continually saturated
with corporate marketing ads until our brains are
so clogged up with garbage we are left mentally
fuckin blind
Material possession - status obsession
Consumer addiction - indoctrination
Subconsious invasion - purchase coercion
sensory perversion - indoctrination

Force fed garbage - brainwashed mind
Force fed garbage - mentally blind

Tune in a station - sensory masterbation
Media penetraion - indoctrination
Assume the position - TV addiction
Mental attrition - indoctrination



Theres one law through history that aint such a mystery
those bastards have learn where old empires failed
keep the poor down in the mud let them shed each others blood
Divide and rule
Attack the minorities confuse the priorites
force feed our dogma watch us breed our own hate
while we argue whose to blame we fall victim to their power game
We're all in the same boat yet at each others throats
we've got to smash down these fucking walls that we've built
Our traditional divisiontheir force fed oppression




People curse people bitch and complain
public transport has gone down the drain
long delays and health risk
and they expect you to pay for it

Fare evasion - join the dont give a fuck generation
Fare evasion - see me run like fuck from the station

try to keep this shit for the rich
high fares, inspector snitch
ride for free no harm done
like shoplifting it can be fun

Getting on tubes getting on trains gimme my compensation claim
fare is too dear, service is shit, doing my best to get away with it!





Having two faces is better than one
nose up in the air, sycophant to some
plastic environment you'll learn to cope
your idea of living is a fucking joke

Cant you see you're wasting your time
I guess you cant coz you're fucking blind

For this shit i aint got the time
social hierarchy acting sublime
climbing up the ladder never looking down
wearing your arrogance like a fucking crown
your idea of living is a fucking joke



I've got a funny feeling coming over me
getting bored of sitting at home watching the TV
got to get out into the night the time is here
to meet some mates and consume large quantities of beer
Now the sessions kicking off - spirits are high
fucking racket of drunken voices - reaching the sky
Rat- arsed the liquid vision blurs the setting sun
a beggars banquet its time for the scum to have their fun
knock one back for all our mates who are no longer here
coz I know where ever the fuck they are they're drinking loads of beer




Inspector on the bus might not be a bad job,
unless you crave authority and act like you're God
call the pigs for back up and support
short 50p now I'm standing up in court
20p short but i gotta take a piss
jump the turn-style hope I dont miss
Hitler wanna-be working class
call the cops you fucking grass

Does the punishment fit the crime- a few pence short aint outta line
Let us off just one last time - stop acting like a Tinpot Hitler

Try to bunk the tube on the way too the gig
ticket man standing there acting real big
turn a blind eye and act your fuckin age
its not like it comes out of your wage
Paid and displayed but the times expired
c'mon let me off y'know you wont get fired
obedient little robot to all their laws
to get a little power in your greedy claws



The fucking monarchy a bunch of useless lay-abouts
they holiday all year the rest of us live on handouts
I often think about committing regicide
lets fetch a fucking rope and hang the sponging bastards high
You dont mean shit to me - parasite monarchy
Lets end this sovereignty  - go fuck yourselves you scumbags
The English fallacy we dont need an elite regency
for years they bled us dry you wankers aint no better than me
lets storm that fucking palace and boot those cunts into the street
I want to see them suffer with no home and nothing to eat




TIMES HARD (The Pioneers)...slightly altered lyrics

Everyday - things are getting worse
Everyday - things are getting worse
Times so hard - dole and slave and do work
I said Times so hard - dole and slave and do work

working like a dog - to get yourself ten quid on top
you never see smoke without fire - yo! - you better make me giro higher!

Everyday - things are getting worse
Everyday - things are getting worse
Times so hard - dole and slave and do work
I said Times so hard - dole and slave and do work




To Inspectors, Security guards and police
Human rights violations increase
Eye for an eye in for the kill
To the likes of the criminal injustice bill

Pressures of life they fuck with your head
Fucked all my friends theyre all fuckin dead
Human race culprit mindless machine
Subjegate imprison and fuck who they please

To the Preachers of hate through ignorance
Pro life scum right wing cunts
Credit rate lifestyles of the rich
Police informer snitch

Whats with laws and regulations
They bug and fuck me in the head
they think of all the wrong solutions
out to lunch gone to bed

Don’t work and on the sick
Choke on smoke because of bullshit
Situations why you get high
Life’s a bitch then you die




at high school, pre-school and from the cot,
a child only learns what they've been taught
the problem lies within education
of social, racial integration
bigotry's a virus that plagues every race,
a social affliction, a slap in the face
vilify a race to justify pride,
its the fabric of war racial genocide

passed down through generation to young from old
adopting the hereditary racist mould
breastfed and nurtured with ignorance and hate
the afflicted generation has sealed its fate




lying in this fuckin room,four walls feel just like a tomb, surrounded by the endless gloom
too much sick shit in my head,staying here in my bed the outside world fills me with dread
the t.v says the queen is fine that we will win the war on crime same old bollox all the time
they're so far from reality,the way we live they never see, repulsed by their hypocrisy,

nightmare reality as far as the eye can see futile dependency to their fucking law
trivia fed media,you're labelled inferior, in utter contempt of the poor

thru shit mags and t.v,show you a world you'll never see, flash cars,
diamonds and money,spend loads on crappy name brands,
the image worship is so bland, i've never seen ten grand
its all a con we're getting stitched, a slave to monthly payment shit,
you're working years to pay for it, these superficial luxuries
are status symbol fantasies,this shit is not what sets you free,

live for greed,ignore the need, i'm alright jack,who cares who else is suffering
profits and war,corporate whore, a law unto themselves,peoples lives mean nothing

the image is what matters most, the parasite feeds off its host,
the rags to riches dream is a ghost, frowned on for being broke,
its all such a fucking joke, its time the human race awoke,
keep looking out for better ways, there's better things to do these days
than break your back for a poxy wage, so shove it all up your arse yuppie
I dont wanna live for money, this aint no land of milk and honey




Two Milleniums passed plagued with war and hate
A good indication to mankinds present state
A society living in social harmony
A 20th century phallacy

Part of our genetic code- not to get along
Human species- a concept gone very wrong

You get the xmas rush season of good will
The underlying motive is ringing up the til
Emotional pressure is pushing you to the hilt
So drop a penny into the bucket of human guilt
In a world motivated by business finance
You get optimists saying ‘give peace a chance’
The fact of the matter lays within your genes

Your just another hateful spiteful human being

Your just another hateful human being
Your just another spiteful human being
Your just another hateful human being
Your just another hateful spiteful human being




the weathers getting cold, the pollution’s growing thick life on this planet now only makes me sick you want to curl up into a foetal ball block your eyes and ears numb from it all

as the days connect in this labyrinth of stress life once simple is now a fuckin mess
the city is faceless brimming with toil like a vat full of scum it starts to boil yearning for money to numb the pain but the world of employment will drive you insane
get a nestegg of savings for a rainy day but the government will tax it til it dwindles away

the news reports just keep getting worse the rapid decline of mankind’s curse
shackled to work and bound by debt consume synthetic reality through your TV set

try and move from the city but all the land has been raped the plush remains divided by Corporate stakes succumb to crime and you’re only playing their game
locked in a cell, your 15 years of fame the rain never stops the sun never shines
keep the drapes drawn the streets are full of eyes recoil in your world of paranoid fear
urban existence will make your soul disappear

we're infected with cancer and dying of aids
top of the food chain but we are starting to fade tamper with nature brings impending doom
eating genetically modified food you want us to pray to a god that is a myth
a moral placebo for our consciousness hidden surveillance records your daily routine
while you pledge allegiance to the system machine




infestation of 2000 years,created hells born from our fears
nightmare strain,rape and annihilate debauch the land only to create a

slumworld for the terror breed
upon eachother we hunt and feed
slumworld for the killing breed
proliferating hell seed

draw up borders based on race hate,divide the poor watch them detereorate
the rotting cities dens of woe and killing,an inane struggle for a hopeless living in a
insane empires of industry create this hell for you and me,
cities swelling,resistance crumbles the planet earth beneath a concrete jungle




The facts there to see have a fuckin family
Fuck yourselves into slavery
Into financial stress problems of this fucked up mess
Social life zero wits at test

You choose to breed Humanity - All I see is fuckin Insanity
Ignore the shortfalls of society

Im not telling you what to do, what I do say is think it through
Pro-create or not up to you
Your rewards are in doubt worry til your time is out
For me not what life is about
You choose to breed Humanity All I see is fuckin Insanity
Ignore the shortfalls of society
You choose to breed Humanity All I see is fuckin Insanity
Perpetuation of the shit



BIG ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN (Harry 'Haywire' McClintock) slightly altered lyrics...

One evening as the sun went down and the jungle fires were burning
Down a track came a hobo hiking and he said boys Im not turning
Im headed for a land thats far away beside the crystal fountain
So come with me and well go see the Big Rock Candy Mountain

In the Big Rock Candy Mountain theres a land thats fair and bright
Where the handouts grow on bushes and you sleep out everynight
Where the boxcars are all empty and the sun shines everyday
and the birds and the bees and the cigarette trees the lemonade springs where the bluebirds sing all sorts of different fucking things in the Big Rock Candy Mountain

In the Big Rock Candy Mountain all the cops have wooden legs
The bulldogs all have rubber teeth and the hens lay soft boiled eggs
The farmers trees are full of fruit and the barns are full of hay
Oh Im bound to go where there aint no snow where the rain dont fall and the wind dont blow where the grass plants grow and the nihilists go in th Big Rock Candy Mountain.

In the Big Rock Candy Mountain you never change your socks
and the little streams of alkyhol come trickling down the rocks
The breakmen have to tip their hats and the railroad bulls are blind
Theres a lake of stew and whisky too, you can paddle all around em in a big canoe
You can do whatever you want to do in the Big Rock Candy Mountain

In the Big Rock Candy Mountain all the jails are made of tin
and you can walk right out again as soon as you are in
There no short handled shovels no axes saws or picks
Im gonna stay where you sleep all day where they hung the jerk that invented work and Ill see you all this coming fall in the Big Rock Candy Mountain room for all - now fuck off!




LookEnvironment in decay / a fuckin struggle every day / too much empty hate / aimed at each other / not getting any better / so much fear for the future / living like fuckin rats / in tower blocks and council flats

concrete brick and glass freedom / a burning fuse outside your door / twisted parents insane children / blood and glass on the pub floor /existing day to day / desperation is here to stay / screaming city paranoia / mind heart and soul destroyer

racist blacks and racist whites / petty crooks and drunken fights / ditched needles stench of piss / battered mothers beat battered kids / seething nest of turbulence / masses drown in ignorance / escape sold in plastic bags / little girls get v.d off their dads

broken lights and dark places / fear carved on peoples faces / rocks and smack and glue and e's / take your pick for teenage o.d's / steel blade across your face / mindless violence all over the place / bash the elderly for a hit,everywhere this fucked up shit.




Nose to the grindstone always watch yer back / do lunch make deals / network contacts / motivated by status and labelled by class / you can stick that work ethic right up your ass

Its your World - Not Mine

glued to the cellphone always on the go / got something to prove with nothing to show / inward self interest no.1's your first choice / you love nothing more than to hear your own voice.




Drug death suicide sky high nobody seems to ask why / no one points a finger at the system just another drug death victim / cunts sittin in ivory towers wont stop arming pigs with more power / it wont be them who get the mace sprayed all over their fuckin face / situations a con and its fixed worlds been run by cunts and pricks / wont see me cast my vote distrust negative feeling no hope / humanity is just a disease and I don’t want a life on my knees / dead end job cable tv / killing the spirit rebellion in me

seek solutions face brick walls / see no sense in it at all / evolution is this it forever get the same old shit

there they go millennium bender build more prisons top of the agenda / what will it be like when prison population will be one in ten / whats up welfare witch hunts media making us feel like cunts / keep saying they’ll stop the giving / they still owe me a fucking living / looks like we’re gonna be next powers that be cutting our dole checks / there they go make more criminals the whole situation is fuckin dismal / politicians got their own scam social justice fucking sham / new labour tories no difference values gone / sold out to big business.




This scene gets so fucking static / it gets me gives me itchy feet / gossip rumour get pathetic / soap opera story line repeat

set goals take control / live life travel before I grow old / this town going down time to get on stop fuckin around

fuck the scene and get me a jet plane / been there done that now give me a break / Im sick of the making babies / settling down and dying jakies / when i get back nothing will change diluted by staying the same.




New fuckers run this town got the Koran wrong way round / their rise don’t blame me logic defy middle east nazi / your rights low on list torture abuse still exist /circumcise female enemy stoned to death for infidelity.

your profanity versus tyranny / denied to exist / jihad death war fuck holy law fundamentalist

religious doctrine hate incorporate with the state / their laws forced on all though by men with brains so small / protest they detest cut throat justice seen at best / blaspheme your dead meat shoot you in the fuckin street.




When ya see rich folks in big flash clothes get a sense of inferiority / people look at ya strange try'na figure out yer game / leave you feeling social oddity / get a job paying shit / better off not a bit / more chance to win the lottery / try to get by / tell a few lies what can you do / live in poverty

pittance on welfare wont suffice - got bills and debt got me in strife / time for crime aint worth the risk - and i’m sick of living like this

now put to the test with no dole cheque / get a job the harsh reality / lose all benefits going legit / scrape by a bullshit salary / wages so low now britain is known as a new third world nation / this new deal shit just wont cut it / but only breed indignation.

Social poverty fact of life, gotta try an rise above the shite / think of money for the life you'd like, systems ally when it suits you right




Look at the shit we are in / this planet is a termites nest of seething humanity / the cancer destroying its host / mankind to become a ghost roaming in the ashes

man devouring man / destroying all life that he can / hell is the place we are led / mankind is better off dead

evolution is failing / not learning from mistakes humans still thrive on war / the earth is a battlefield / this hatred we wield is the glitch in our program [ ] genetic animosity / an instinctive hatred for your fellow man / all that was sacred is gone creating an abyss world we cannot live on.




You’re so hot, teasing me / So you’re blue but I can’t take a chance on a chick like you / That’s something I couldn’t do
There’s that look in your eyes / I can read in your face that your feelings are driving you wild / Ah, but girl you’re only a child

Well I can dance with you honey / If you think it’s funny
Does your mother know that you’re out?
And I can chat with you baby / Flirt a little maybe
Does your mother know that you’re out?

Take it easy (take it easy)/ Better slow down girl
That’s no way to go / Does your mother know?
Take it easy (take it easy) / Try to cool it girl
Take it nice and slow
Does your mother know?

I can see what you want / But you seem pretty young to be searching for that kind of fun / So maybe I’m not the one
Now you’re so cute, I like your style / And I know what you mean when you give me a flash of that smile / But girl you’re only a child

Well I can dance with you honey / If you think it’s funny
Does your mother know that you’re out?
And I can chat with you baby / Flirt a little maybe
Does your mother know that you’re out?
Take it easy (take it easy) / Better slow down girl / That’s no way to go
Does your mother know?
Take it easy (take it easy) / Try to cool it girl / Take it nice and slow
Does your mother know?

Well I can dance with you honey / If you think it’s funny
Does your mother know that you’re out?
And I can chat with you baby / Flirt a little maybe
Does your mother know that you’re out?




seems you had something different in mind
didnt know you'd be wasting my time
so it never did materialise
just a chance for you to fraternize
you're just an introverted chat room geek
you've been stringing me along all week
aint got the balls to show your face
only in it for the thrill of the chase


You say you are looking for a bit of sleaze
but your just infected with this cyber disease
now we know all your tell tale signs
fabrications through a modem line
dodgy profile identity
far removed from reality
looking through your pixelated guise
one day youll finally realize
timewaster - wasting my time




Now I see you think youre making sense
got no slack for your ignorance
get away as youre being a pest
got no time for your BS
yeah what ever and the same to you as you talk and try an tell me what to do
Look for someone else to distress make my move and I exit left

All I did was walk away

Its a time and place that you exist
out of sync like a royalist
now I think its time we called it quits
Got no software for your user bits
youre a fake and a lousy git
dont know how you get away with it

All I did was walk away





Boots kick break down doors
busted but what for
thrown out treat me like dirt
scumbag shady cohort
ring burns wrench my guts
bloodstains everything sucks
breakdown nothing here works
my life is fucking cursed

They keep breaking my balls

Went out got blind drunk
woke up beaten to a pulp
not down no guestlist
no gigs no business
lost out double or quits
wiped out cut me to bits
painful swollen and sore
I cant take it no more

They keep breaking my balls




Infinite attempts at restarting the system - counter revolution
Operating system is infected with a virus - financial acquisition
Running out of hard disk space for calculation - over population
Resource forks are missing extensions are conflicting - warring nations

Check the preference settings re-install partitions - social infrastructure
Compatible components since defragmentation - racial integration
Memory allocation power source protection - wealth distribution
Initialize the hard drive reconfiguration - Global emancipation




XQ 28

The building blocks of the soul
molecular parts that make one whole
x chromosome configuration
sexual blueprint identification


genetic profiling from within the womb
Orwelian nightmare leading to doom
controlling the course of this information
into draconian assimilation


call me skeptic a pessimist
designer babies as the catalyst
section 28 legislation
a reflection of societys indignation
the last taboo of discrimination
viewed by bigots as abomination
assimilation through abortion
is this a night mare or a caution





Like blood that doesnt wash
your neck up on a block
events wont bring a stop
its up against the clock
and with no fence to sit
up to your neck in it
the scales are forever tipped
to end under the whip

Either way you are crucified

The left and to the right
redemption out of sight
a tunnel without light
a long drop from a height
whatever to ensure
you dont know what to do
dismiss catholic guilt
to suffer to the hilt

Either way you are crucified





Fear of final nightmares getting closer
like events on a sick roller coaster
dirty weapons of mass death destruction
invokes visions of mind bending ruction

This is the age of, this is the age of fear

Theres a cowboy a thick and a weasel
Al-queda and Axis of Evil
Theres a means for the proliferation
unseen terror inflicting negation





Contradictory criteria
placing yourself morally superior
two different sets of laws apply
God as your witness is your alibi
coz you got
Double standards
Double standards
Double standards
Double standards
Wots good for the goose is good for the gander
until you are in the dock then you label it slander
arsenal of anger mobilization
granting you self righteous justificationa pointed finger from a crooked angle
your credibility is starting to dangle
looking down on us from your pious heights
never in doubt coz your always right





I cant talk or communicate
I cant give or reciprocate
watch it all disintigrate
cant help or cooperate
mind control or manipulate
just to fake it to aggrevate
recomposure to compensate
overdue or out of date

What I wouldnt wanna do to you baby

I wont think so I wont deceive
self delude you make believe
no pretension to retrieve
no payment no receipt
no commitment compromise
make a play disatisfy
insideous to disguise
overbear and scrutinize

What I wouldnt wanna do to you baby





There's a better way
you gotta get away
and leave it all behind
seek and you shall find

Or you'll never know
Bite the bullet and take a chance
Or you'll never know
Dont waste your time sitting on the fence
Or you'll never know
Its your life so make a dent

Time to motivate
and see what you create
theres alternatives
so choose the way you live

ideas generate
inactive activates
tomorrows another day
so shout and have your say





it was no.4 or 496
free utility place in bits
just some old hat for new tricks
free and easy get your kicks
summer stink to the winter cold
just a living for some rock n roll
no restriction to a hardcore beat
slayer blaring in the summer heat

for a squat in a human zoo
there was nothing else left to do
too young and without a clue
cheap cider, cans of special brew

Dodgy dealings and hows yer father

down in one then you down the lot
innocence something soon forgot
they were years in a lazy haze
special issue on thursdays
twos up and how much you owe
ten a penny and youre good to go
blag yer beer and you blag to pay
even though its your giro day
for a squat in a human zoo...


LEGACY OF BIGOTRY (bass tabs) guitar is same notes as bass

Verse x6 (2 intro then sing for 4)

......At high school........................a child only learns...
e |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |--------------------------55-34--------------------------------------|
E |--0-0000-0000-00------------5-5555-5555-5555-34------|

Bridge x6 (2 guitar intro then sing for 4)

.....passed down from generation...
e |-------------------------------|
B |-------------------------------|
G |-------------------------------|
D |-------------------------------|
A |-------------------------------|
E |--00-033-377-7765-----|

Chorus x2

......Legacy .......................of Bigotry
e |----------------------------------------------------|
B |----------------------------------------------------|
G |----------------------------------------------------|
D |----------------------------------------------------|
A |-777-777-777--------777-777-777--------|
E |-------------------567---------------------567--|

Bridge x4 ( sing for 4)

......passed down from generation...
e |-------------------------------|
B |-------------------------------|
G |-------------------------------|
D |-------------------------------|
A |-------------------------------|
E |--00-033-377-7765-----|



WALK AWAY bass tabs

(intro)Verse x8 ( 4 intro then sing for 4)
G |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D |----------------------------------------------------87----------------|
A |--5-555555-5-555555--------------------------87-------------|
E |------------------------------5-555555-6-66----------------------|

Chorus x4
G |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
D |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |------5-55555----------------3-33333----------------------|
E |-------------------2-22222-----------------3-33333--------|

(2nd) Verse x6 ( 2 intro then sing for 4)

Chorus x4
Bridge x4
G |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |---5-555555-5555----8------------------------------5-555555-5555----8------------------------888888--|
E |------------------------------8-888888-8888---555------------------- --------8-888888-8888---------------|

(3rd) Verse x6 (2 intro then sing for 4)
Double Chorus


Bass Tabs

(bass slides down from 12th fret)
drum and bass play riff twice then guitar comes in
B |---------------------------------------------------------------------|
G |---------------67777776-------------------------87-----------|
D |-----------------------------7-777-7777-7777-----87-------|
A |---7777777------------------------------------------------------|
E |---------------------------------------------------------------------|
play chorus twice (extend for the break in middle of song)
B |-----------------------------------9---9-------9---9-----------------|
G |---------------------7----7---77-77--7777-77--77-------------|
D |-------9---9----55--55--55----------------------------------------|
A |---77--77--77-------------------------------------------------------|
E |------------------------------------------------------------------------|

Guitar Tabs
e |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G |-------7---------------------------------------------------------------|
D |--2---7---7----------------------------------------------------------|
A |--2---5---7----------------------------------------------------------|
E |--0--------5----------------------------------------------------------|
e |---------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |---------------------------------------------------------------------|
G |------------------7-------------------------------------------------|
D |--2--5---7------7--7----------------------------------------------|
A |--2---5---7-----5--7----------------------------------------------|
E |--0---3---5---------5----------------------------------------------|
...........................*goes up here for last 2 strums


Bass tabs

repeat 8x (four intro w/ drums, then sing for four)
e |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D |----------56-6-----------------------56-6--------------------------|
A |----55-5------55-576-6-----55-5------55-576-6-------------|
E |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus 2x
e |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |------55-5--------------34-4---55-5------------------------------|
E |------------56-6--33-3---------------56-6--3---------------------|
Guitar tabs
verse repeat 8x
e |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G |----7-----------7--9--8-------7------------7--9--8----------------|
D |----7---5--6---7--9--8-------7---5---6--7--9--8----------------|
A |----5---5--6---5--7--6-------5---5---6--5--7--6----------------|
E |---------3--4------------------------3---4---------------------------|
chorus 2x
e |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G |----7-----------5-6---7-----------------------------------------------|
D |----7-7-8--5--5-6---7-7-8-5--------------------------------------|
A |----5-7-8--5--3-4---5-7-8-5--------------------------------------|
E |-------5-6--3------------5-6-3---------------------------------------|
solo? it yourself!


bass tabs

guitar 4x (on own) intro 2x sing 4x
e |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |------2------------------------------------------------------------------|
E |--0-----3--5-----------------------------------------------------------|
chorus 3x (double pick) 2x
e |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G |------789-----789--------------------------------------------------|
D |----9--------9-----------345------567-----------------------------|
A |--7--------7-----------5---------7-----------------------------------|
E |----------------------3---------5-------------------------------------|




bass tabs

verse intro 4x sing 4x
e |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G |----------------------4---456-----------------------------------------|
D |-----4-------2---55--55----------------------------------------------|
A |--55--5-33--3-------------------------------------------------------|
E |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
chorus 2x
e |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D |------4---------------4---------------4--------------4----4--4------|
A |---55-5-----4----55-5------4---55-5-----4--55--55--5--------|
E |---------335------------335------------335------------------------|
bridge 2x
e |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G |------4------6----------------(11)-----------(11,12,13)----------|
D |---55-5-77--7---(12)(12)-----(12)(12)------------------------|
A |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E |------------------------------------------------------------------------|


Fuck That Shit
Guitar Tabs
verse 2x intro then 4x
e ¦-------------------------------------------------------------¦
B ¦-------------------------------------------------------------¦
G ¦-------------5-------------------------------------------------¦
D ¦---7---2---5---2---------------------------------------------¦
A ¦---7---2---3---2---------------------------------------------¦
E ¦---5---0-------0---------------------------------------------¦
chorus 2x
e ¦-------------------------------------------------------------¦
B ¦-------------------------------------------------------------¦
G ¦-----------------5---------------------------------------------¦
D ¦---7---5---2---5---5-----------------------------------------¦
A ¦---7---5---2---3---5-----------------------------------------¦
E ¦---5---3---0-------3-----------------------------------------¦
bridge (before solo)
e ¦-------------------------------------------------------------------¦
B ¦-------------------------------------------------------------------¦
G ¦--------10-------7----------------------------------------------¦
D ¦---7---10--10--7---5-----------------------------------------¦
A ¦---7----8---10--5---5-----------------------------------------¦
E ¦---5----------8-------3-----------------------------------------¦
And then the solo DIY, (do it yourself!)
6x vs
2x ch
6x vs
2x ch
4x open vs
2x damped vs
2x bridge
4x vs