BANDS (...we play with or just like)

Trashcats-----------------------------Darraghs "fist in the air" other punk and roll band
Airbomb-----------------------------Raging Hardcore punk from Romford
Active Slaughter-------------------London based Animal rights political punk
Citizen Fish/Subhumans----Classic UK Ska punk/political 80's punk
Gurkha-------------------------------Filthy West Country political crust punk

GobbleAndTheCocks------------Brilliant energetic uk punk
Knifed---------------------------------Manic Queer core from Dublin
The King Blues---------------------Acoustic London Ska (great lyrics)
Rabies Babies---------------------Hackneys finest female punk outfit
Sick On The Bus-----------------Motorhead meets the Damned
Stress---------------------------------Dublin Punk as fuck Outfit
The Ulcers--------------------------London based Garage punk rawk

Antidote------------------------------Hollands best export
Fleas and Lice--------------------Hollands drunkest export
No Hoodlums----------------------Dutch Chaos Punk from Oosterhout, NDL
Shakin Nasties--------------------Snotty dirty punk n roll from Bremen
Stopcox------------------------------Berlin political punk, animal-human-punk liberation
The Shocks-------------------------Classic 77 style punk from Berlin
Ratwaster-----------------------------Political French ska punk


Anima Mundi------------------------
great political punk from LA
Broken---------------------------------Noise merchants from Connecticuts
Fleshies------------------------------San Fransisco Lunatics
Scarred for Life-------------------Brutal political punk from LA
----------------------------Alcohol burnin East Bay Punk
The New York Rel-X------------
Female fronted 'Punk as Fuck' band from NY
The Krays---------------------------
-Fast paced powerful punk with great lyrics


Active Distribution-------------Hackney based Anarcho Distribution
All Ages Records--------------Cool DIY Punk Record shop in Camden, London
Active Rebellion--------------Punk distro for badges etc
56a Info Shop-------------------DIY Info shop in south London (books, zines, music, resources)
Blind Destruction Recs-----Record label split with band website for 'In The Shit'
BBP Records------------------South London DIY Distro
Back To The Boots-----------German Distro
Havoc records------------------Legendary Minneapolis Record Label/Distro
Malarie-----------------------------Czech Rep label/Distro
Punknite--------------------------New York Based Label & gig promotions Punk Rock shop, t-shirts+ more, based in Oakland
Profane Existence------------Minneapolis label/Distro
Skuld---------------------------------German Record Label/Distro

Ungdomshuset---------------------Long running Squat in copenhagen, Denmark
Wounded Paw------------------Canandian Online shop and Label

KINK Records----------------------German Mailorder, Label & Fanzine für Punk-Rock


Eroding Empire------------ DIY Gig and Events listing for the UK
Dont Care Zine-------------London web based (and print) fanzine
London Punks-------------------gig guide and politic punk website, lots of animal rights content
Punk and Oi in The UK -----gig guide for whole of UK
Protest Zine-----------------------Political zine with lots of digital art plus Restarts interview etc
Mohawk Radio-----------------FREE 24/7 Streaming Punk Rock! Hear Punk Rock from all over the world
MRR Radio-------------------------weekly online radio show from Maximum rocknroll
Queeruption----------------------queer activist resource site
Queerpunk---------------------- world wide queer punk network check it out!



Captive State --------------John Monbiot lashes out at The Corporate Takeover of Britain
Stupid White Men--------Michael Moore's scathing attack of the Bush Electorial sham
No Logo-----------------------Naomi Kleins documentation of the corporate branding of the Planet!