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Mobocracy is our latest CD from 2009, and is a split release with Millions of Dead Cops from SF and Austin. It was a huge honour to share a release with these punk rock Heavy weights. It was released in europe on our No Label Records and a vinyl version was released with the help of Dirty Faces out of Germany. Rodent Popsicle and Crash Assailant records did the USA version. It is 8 new Songs by Restarts and 7 new Songs by MDC.
This Human vinyl ep came out CD came out in 2009 -and is a four way split with MDC, Restarts, Embrace the Kill and Phobia. No Label did the European version and Crash Assailant did the USA version. Ours comes on yellow and red splatter vinyl. The Restarts song "Dead Inside" is only available on this release.
Outsider CD came out in 2007 - self recorded self produced and self released! Comes in unique recycled digi pack with pull out tray plus fold out poster. Deals with subjects like global warming, Biometric Identification and the futility of the Iraq War.To order a copy see our Merch page

This is a digitally remastered re-release of our first two 7"s, The Job Club demo and the State Rape recordings( 23 tracks), included with this release is a CDrom quicktime video of No Confidence for your PC or MAC, 2x A3 posters and lyrics sheets, first demo, 2 eps and split LP (including most of the artwork that came with the original releases).To order a copy see our Merch page or Active Distribution

Released Aug 5th 2003 on Active Distribution this is our second full length CD. Twelve tracks featuring Alan from The UK SUBS on guitar. A sample can be heard on the MP3 page. It is also available in the USA on vinyl LP .To order a copy either see our Merch page or Active Distribution or LP's from Havoc Records in the USA.

Released on May 1st, 2002 by Active Distribution, is our first full length CD/ LP (16 songs), contains digitally remastered versions of Legacy of Bigotry and Your World eps. Also included are the popular cover versions of ABBA's Does Your Mother Know and Harry Mclintock's Big Rock Candy Mountain To order a copy of this see our Merch page

Legacy of Bigotry split seven inch with Left for Dead (Hastings, UK) came out in December 2000 on LFD's Label (Dead Records). It consists of two songs (Legacy of Bigotry, Humane) on our side and two songs (going nowhere, Self Defence) on LFD's side. Our songs are available on the Slumworld CD. see our Merch page.

Your World split seven inch with Broken (Connecticut) came out sometime in 1999 on Magilla Guerilla records. Our side consisted of three songs (Your World, Skint, Better off Dead) and the Broken side consisted of three songs (Fat Lying Bastard, Excessive Force, Out of Line) I believe this is out of print, but our three songs are available on our Slumworld CD. see our Merch page

State Rape' Split twelve inch with, the now defunct, Zero Tolerance came out on Rejected Records in 1998. It consists of 8 tracks on our side and 7 on ZT's. The Restarts side is now also available on a CD as a split with Fleas and Lice from Holland. Also we have remastered these songs and included them on our Actively Seeking Work CD. see our Merch page

'Just Gets Worse' seven inch, our second ep came out in 1997 and again was on Blind Destruction Records. Four tracks on it were No Confidence, Disconnected, Just Gets Worse and Mind Your Own Business. It is out of print but all the songs and artwork are available on the Actively Seeking Work discography CD. see our Merch page

'Frustration' seven inch was our first ep out in 1996 on Blind Destruction Records. It had four songs on it Delerium Tremens, Frustration, Fuck the Lottery, and New Way. It is not being repressed anymore but all the songs and artwork are available on the Actively Seeking Work discography CD. see our Merch page

'Jobclub' demo was our first ever recording, done in Feb, 1996 at Zen Arcade and consisted of 11 songs (4 of which we used for the Frustration ep.) This demo was self released and is no longer available it is however on CD (Actively Seeking Work 1996-1998) along with our first two 7"s and the State Rape recordings.To order a copy see our Merch page