We are all basically artistically challenged in one way or another ...so we decided to share some of our work with you. Please use the scroll bar on the right to view all the content, then click on the image to launch it in a seperate window..
These next two are from wall murals painted by myself (Kieran), they were done in the Albion Pub around 1995. They both measured around 8 x10 ft, but tragically the Pub was then sold and gutted (paintings destroyed in the process) only to be turned into a hotel. The pub was a stronghold for the punk scene in North London at one time, gigs every weekend, punk dj nights, local watering hole etc.It was a long and sordid tale....
One night it kicked off though, it was Screamer, Restarts and SFA gig when the landlord took the liberty of kicking the shit out of one of our mates (for being too drunk), this then got the attention of the police who in turn decided to show up in full riot force and batter the shit out of everyone.This is what the picture depicts on the front of the 'Just Gets Worse '7 inch. The Stoke Newington Police are renowned for this kind of procedural technique!
There was a case a few years previous where the same police force, after pulling the same stunt (beating the shit outta people in the cells and then fabricating their stories) were caught out and several (punks) got compensation payments running up into the thousands (..mind you the whole process took years!)...but alas a happy ending, knowing these bastards dont always get away with abusing power.
The next illustration I did depicted what we wanted to do to the Stoke Newington Police after their brainless reactionary reponse to someone needing medical attention. This image was also used for the Stokey Punks picnic and was subsequently made into a tshirt. Jay from Innerterrestrials still claims how this was the worst tshirt he could have been wearing when he was nicked by the ol' Bill. erm sorry there Jay!
The thumbnail on the left is for the Artful jobdodger comic that came with our first 7inch (Frustration) On the right is the poster artwork that came with the Just Gets Worse 7" on Blind Destruction Recs. Illustration was done by Mik.