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Feb 1st , 2005

> We had a great time in Denmark! many thanks to all involved in putting on the gigs in Copenhagen and Aalbourg. Pics form the Punk Festival in Aalbourg can be viewed here.

> We finally have a NEW MESSAGE FORUM, this is listed as community in the menu. This will be spam free, and apologies to all the other posters that had their messages deleted in the old Message board! So come on you gobby bastards...

> The Merchandise page is back up again. We have a new t shirt design for ya click to view it.

> Also coming soon is a tour diary from the very outspoken "Fat Bob' of Hard Skin fame. A blow by blow account of Our tour together and their daily assault on anyone who DARED to get in their way...

> SPAM!!! this means WAR. We have implemented a new scheme using encoding to mask our email address. If you would like to use the same for your website see http://www.wbwip.com/wbw/emailencoder.html this will defintiley stop your email address from being harvested into spam lists.

Jan 17 , 2005

>I trust you all had a good New Years ( thats if you can remember it! ). On Jan 20th we are off to Denmark for two gigs, and then our next gig will be at the Forum at the Stig Memorial Gig Saturday Feb 5th.

Tickets are available at All Ages Records and The Astoria box office for £12.50
Or from the 24 hour ticket hotline 08701 500 044 / 0870 060 3777 for £15.00
They will also be available on the door at the Forum at the price of £15.00

Marvin has asked me to say that he will be selling tickets at the Poison club gig on the friday before and to email him at ............to reserve a ticket for you. They will be £12.50

> The MERCH page will be up an running after I get back from Demark (Jan 25) and we will have some new tshirt desings for you. so please check back next week.

> We have confirmed that we will be writing a NEW album in the New Year and also plannng a USA/ Canada Tour for July/Aug 2005. So will keep you posted.

Dec 28 , 2004

>We survived the tour with Hardskin, had a total blast. Those boys have perfected the art of 'taking the piss' to a fine craft! ...Oh the stories we could tell you. They were filming it for a tour documentary so keep your eyes open for that in the near future! The end of tour benefit gig at the Grovenor was a perfect ending to the tour and we managed to raise over £700 for the people in Chiapas, Mexico. Bless the new landlady at the Grovenor pub, she was so delighted with the gig that she bought a "spent all day in the fucking pub" tshirt off Hardskin. It was only later that she discovered it says "coz Im a cunt!" on the back!!!! lol..you gotta laff.

> Have added boozing to the list of Tabs on the Lyric/tabs page, will be adding Fuck that Shit and Hows yer Father when I get a chance... or if you are lucky maybe Robin will pull his finger out and work em out (hint hint).

> The Denmark gigs are confirmed for Copenhagen and Aalbourg, see <gigs> for links and info. We were hoping to get one more in Malmo Sweden but havent heard anything back yet. will keep you posted

Nov 25 , 2004

>WE have now confirmed gigs in Denmark, and France in 2005! <gigs>

>Tickets are available for the HARD SKIN + Restarts gig on Dec 21st @ Grovenor in Stockwell (South London). They can be bought at 56a infoshop (Elephant and Castle) and All Ages Records (Camden). This venue has a capacity limit, so it will probably sell out. Tickets are £5 (The gig is a benefit for the Chiapas region in Mexico.)

> I will close down the merch page while we are on tour and will re-open sometime after all the Xmas bollox!

Nov 15 , 2004

>We had another unfortunate passing of a friend, Mark from Poundaflesh died Oct 31st, To those of you who knew him you can pay your respects <here>

> Getting ready for the Tour with Hardskin in December. If for some reason the pop up window with the tour info didnt appear when you loaded home page please <> . Sorry to say the Bull and Gate gig is sold out. they only allowed a 200 limit. There may be a slight chance of getting in on the door but we cant guarantee it, get down early if you want to try. We have added a second gig at the end of the tour in Stockwell, Saaf London at the Grovenor Pub. This will be a benefit for Chiapas region in Mexico. We (The Restarts) also WONT be playing the Leeds Gig on Dec 4th due to reasons beyond our control.

> We have made plans to do a new record in the new year, which would hopefully be done by the summer

> We plan to play Denmark in the January Copenhagen and Aalbourg, so keep an eye on the gigs page

OCT 23, 2004

> am at a loss of words what to say here...will update at a later time.

see tribute to Stig from Icons of Filth here

OCT 10, 2004

> Okay we were off line from Oct 7-10th, this is due to me being dumbfounded by all this domain hosting jargon...they dont half make it fucking complicated! oh well never mind we are up and running again. If you come across a link or something that aint right please email me and let me know, there is bound to be something I missed, other news...

> We have hammered out a battle plan for next year...we will start writing and plan to have a new recording our for next summer (fingers crossed) so we will keep you posted on these developments.

>We will however be scaling down our live gigs until we can get enough free time. We will be spending most of our spare time writing/recording and organising stuff for next summer. It just isnt realistic for us (time wise/ financially) to gig constantly. So we will remain DIY, which means we just cannot play as much as we would like to.

>Thanks again for all the guest book and message board postings. Its is nice to hear from you

Up the Punks!

SEPT 22, 2004

> That gig with the Shocks and Ulcers at the Poison Depot fucking rocked! <See Flyer> It was cool to see so many people out on a Sunday...and on time too! Very impressed. The Poison Depot seems to have outdone it self. Very cool place indeed! All of the Shocks gigs in London were great, they totally loved it! I will have some photos of that soon.

>Check out the Germany (Sept tour) pictures above...NEW Gallery

SEPT 16, 2004

> Back home now, fucking great time in Germany, will be posting a picture gallery of it. played with some great bands! Speaking of which, you should check out on of Germany's best band THE SHOCKS as we are playing a gig with them in the NEW Poison Depot, Hackney, Sept 19th.

SEPT 1, 2004

> We fly off to Berlin tomorrow, everything is set. Whilst away, any changes to tour schedule or inquiries will be updated/answered in the message forum. Please wait til after Sept 14 to order stuff online, as I cant process it until I get back. Hope to see you on the road!

x Restarts

Aug 31 , 2004

> We have added one more date in Potsdam on Sept 12, see gig page we dont know the venue yet, but will be advertised locally

> As we are away from 02 Sept til 13 Sept any online orders made will not be processd until aftr we getr back 14 Sept.

> Have added a Restarts wallpaper for your desktop, free to download see MP3 page.

Aug 15 , 2004

> Finally finished the tour diary, alot of photos from both coasts, check it out

> Have added a last minute gig with Filaments at The verge Aug 21st and a new gig in Frieburg, Germany with Strychnine see gig page.

July 27, 2004

> Tour dates added and
> Merch page amended, some
comp CDs and split releases now available. Excuse the pop up messages but its the only way to stop people keep disregarding the £5 minimum order. Paypal takes a way higher commission on sales below £5.00

July 21, 2004

>>The I have added a new message forum, which is better than the shit one we had before, there is an interesting debate brewing about our song Jihad, please feel free to join in.
>> I was almost ready with the tour diary , but was set back with a major computer meltdown (System Error...go figure!), I am now running OS X Panther now so it should be more stable.
>> We are starting to plan a tour in December with HARD SKIN around Europe, I will post dates on the gig Page when they are confirmed. Also we are planing a quick trip around Germany in the first week of September starting off with The Queer Punk fest at the Kopi in Berlin on Sept 3 & 4 (I will post info on the gig page as I get it).
>> If anyone emailed me in the last week and didnt get a reply please email again as it may have been deleted during my computer System Error.
>> I have taken down the Chelsea Lee memorial, as the guest book was full, his parents, step Dad and sister were very moved by the response that everyone showed. Thanks for that

July 5, 2004

The merch page is up and running, I have had to make two different buttons for each item, to calculate postage costs for the UK and the World. Please read instructions at the top before purchasing anything, thanks.

June 14 , 2004

Have set up PayPAL facilities on the merch page..they have changed their policies and no longer charge the user a fee to join, its now free. Any problems please contact us. The gig with the Fleshies was great fun...running into the daylight hours. Thanks to everyone who helped out, and especially to the Poison Club!

Sorry I am still trying to sort out the tour diary...almost there

May 1 , 2004

We are now back in London trying to settle in...WE HAD A GREAT TIME IN THE USA AND VANCOUVER! Huge thanks to everyone who helped out! We have decided to take a breather for a while and catch up with our personal lives. We will, at some point, record some new stuff and start gigging again. I will be working on some site updates aswell...see below


Eliminating annoying System Error opening page (mostly for my sake!)

USA Tour Diary: with pictures etc

New Forum: the old one sucks shit

Updated Merch page for online transactions:

..give me some time to sort this...cheers


March 16 , 2004

Okay, we ae getting ready to go...looking forward to seeing you all! We would like to wish all the best to Matt in Vancouver (setting up our show) who is suffering from kidney failure...hang in there Matt. You can beat this.

see you soon

The Restarts

March 8 , 2004

We are slowly tying up all the loose ends before we take off to Amerikkka for our tour March 18th. Thanks to all the people leaving messages on the guest book, normally I try and answer these, but I am too busy at the moment. This week we will have a new CD called Actively Seeking Work 1996-1998 which compiles all our early recordings: our first demo tape Job Club, first two EPs (Frustration, Just Gets Worse) and The State Rape split LP. Also included with the CD is two fold out posters, all art work, lyrics and a bonus CDrom video of No Confidence to play on your PC or MAC...all put together in a nice (non plastic) digi pack fold out booklet (we will have this on tour with us).

Have added several new songs to download on the MP3 page as I have recently aquired some more domain space. I have also reinstated the photo galleries I had to temporarily remove last week due to space shortage. So we are back in action on the photo and MP3 front.

Also would like to express our condolences to Chris Goner who sadly died of cancer on Feb 27th, see dedication on Active Distro's home page.

Feb 18 , 2004

Okay Lee's funeral service will be this Friday Feb 20, email me if you havent received an email and would like to attend. We are also doing a Benefit/Wake gig for Lee on March 13th (see above) at the Poison Club, The money raised will be donated to a Homeless Charity, hope to see you all there. The March issue of Maximum Rock N Roll is out and contains a three page Restarts interview. MRR can be obtained from Active Distro or from us at our gigs. USA Tour dates have been updated...these are being updated daily.

Feb 05 , 2004

Unfortunately I have some sad new to report...Our friend Lee was beaten to death over the weekend. Lees face featured on our first 7" which ironically showed him after he had been attacked with a bottle years back. We are still pretty much in shock, the guy who did it has been arrested and it is all caught on CCTV, it makes you wonder about the 'value of human life' these days, as a species we seem to be 'de-valuing' in price, people just dont give a shit any more! Please view the memorial and photo gallery by clicking on Lees face above. Lee knew alot of different people over the years, so please forward the news to all concerned. A benefit gig for Lee's funeral will be arranged, which hopefully we can play (if we arent in the States). Info on this will be posted here regardless.

Jan 21, 2004

We are recovering from a great weekend in Holland! The gig in Utrecht was very cool, and we had a good time at the MelkWeg in Amsterdam, was good to see Fleas and Lice and was very interesting to see Discharge. Thanks to all the people that helped out; Lianne (for the gig) and Arne (for the flat) and Robins parents (for the Van) and Connor and Crispo and co....for just being there. Like a true idiot I forgot to double check our return flight times...and we missed the plane home DOH! So me and Darragh had a wonderful sleep on the airport floor over night while we rebooked ourselves onto the next flight! Im sure Darragh was cursing me under his breath as he sat drinking in the airport bar all night...while I tossed and turned with a crooked back on a steel bench! Why is it that airports never have benches that are just flat...they always put seating partitions in em...just to prevent you from stretching out horizontally. Is there a law against being 'comfortable' in a flippin airport! Anyhow got some new USA tour updates, we now have a gig in Tijuana, Mexico and another in Las Vegas NV! See the gig page.

Jan 14, 2004

First off, good news Havoc records have agreed to release the vinyl version of System Error in time for our March 2004 USA Tour , many thanx! We had a great visit d'an saaf of the river last Sunday ...great gig with Innerterrestrials, HeadJam, CCPU and various others. The gig was full on with great anarcho projected media images all over the place, brilliant punk rock and general chaotic fun was had by all! We are now getting prepared to leave for Holland for a gig in Utrecht with Beans and then on Saturday to play with Discharge and Fleas and Lice in Amsterdam...hmm sounds like a real sober occassion...NOT! Well it will be for me, but thats another story! We have completed a band interview for MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL which will be out in the March 2004 issue. Thanks again for all the emails inviting us to play various places around the USA, but unfortunatley we are restricted by time, so we cant get to places like MPLS, Chicago, MTL...but there is always next time!

Jan 02 , 2004

Well ok HAPPY NEW YEAR! I imagine some of you still havent stopped partting yet! good on ya! First of all thanks for all the emails from people inquiring about the USA gigs, all seems to be coming together. Our next Gig is in London is with Innerterrestrials Jan 11th see the Gigs page, we are overdue a visit south of the river, so it should be a good un! Havoc records have agreed to release the LP of System Error for us, These will be available when we are touring in the States March 2004. Hope to see you soon!

Dec 13, 2003

The gig with Zounds, Lost cherrees, Subhumans was great! Loads of people came out who we hadnt seen in years, was good to hook up again! The after gig at the Poison club was a brilliant follow up. I didnt catch all the bands, but I did see Bickles Cab from Sheffield (punk rock how it should be played) and a blinding set by Airbomb. I escaped at about 4:30 am, but apparently Riot Clone then played, followed by the debut of Dismop (god help us...). The message board and Forum seem to be quite tempermental ( sometimes they launch, sometimes they dont? ), this is the fault of the service provider.

Dec 04, 2003

Here is the new format...had enough complaints about Flash to last me a life time, although Flash looks nice it doesnt always translate to well to older computers, plus you wont have to wait ages just to check a gig listing! There is however a link to the old site below the menu bar on the left...but only this new site will be regularly updated, sorry kids.Things are falling into place with the West Coast tour, we are getting excited! As soon as we get confirmed dates they will go up on the Gigs page. New features include a new message forum, as people seem to be using the guest book as a means to communicate...so check it out tell us what bugs you. The Merch page is up an running, but havent sorted out online payments yet...need more time. Also check out the interview on the press page done by Ainstain from BTTB Distro Germany. Come check out Zounds on Sat the Dec 6th, with Lost Cherrees and ourselves at Chats palace Subhumans have just joined the bill aswell.

Nov 3rd, 2003

Okay, sorry got side tracked again! Well the gig at the Kopi with Citizen Fish and Subhumans was alot of fun and always a pleasure to play there. Thanx goes out to all our friends there and to the organisers. Our latest news is we re still waiting to hear about the vinyl pressing of System Error? We are having some communication problems at the moment with the label. We are planning to come to the USA in March for a West Coast tour, for about two weeks and a quick stop over in NY so keep your ears open, I will post it all on here as it develops. anyone who would like to help out with gigs please email us asap...cheers!

Sept 16th, 2003

Just got back from Ireland yesterday...still rattling! Had a brilliant time over there! Big thanx goes out to Connor and Theresa for organising everything, Tommie Trousers for the gig in Dublin, Ollie and the people of Castle bar aswell..and to the apparition of the Virgin Mary in Knock...hope you are getting some commission from all them tacky porcelain trinkets sweetheart! Also hellos to all our old mates that travelled to see us!
Next deadline I m setting for myself is to give the site a facelift and get the merchandise page up and running...so bear with me on that one. Got a few new gig listings...so check em out on the gig page.

Sept 5th, 2003

okay...updated the gig page, getting ready for Ireland!! New batch of tshirts on the way, which can be purchased off us via email for £6+postage, design is off the new CD, sizes XL,Lrg,Med, Girly fit...

Aug 29th, 2003

Have just returned from a great tour; Germany, Czech, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, and France! thanks go out to all that helped out...to see pics of the tour see the Gallery page. I will be soon changing the format of this site, as I had alot of feedback from people who said it takes too long to load, so I will be making a more html based site instead of a full flash movie...Ireland dates are confirmed for Sept 12.13.and 14th, will post em this week....off to bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Aug 5th, 2003

Okay we leave tomorrow morning, Lubeck has been confirmed and are awaiting confirmation for Hannover, and we have added one more gig in Scheveningen Holland with Antidote. I wont be able to update this until after the tour, but have posted the most recent listings, that I have access to...hope to see you on the road!
The Restarts

July 30th, 2003

Recording is finished! ...is being pressed as we speak and will be available from August 4th! We leave on tour on Aug 7th (see gig page for dates). We have now found salvation with Robin on guitar as Alan has previous commitments with the UK Subs! Tshirts are being printed as well! So if you dont see us on tour you will have to wait until the end of August for t shirts, the design is from the new release (see artwork link below)...the CD's will be available from Active distribution from August 4th! We just returned from a gig in Brittany with Bachus Temple Addicts, Pack and more....see pics from Hackney gig and Brittany

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