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Apr 3 , 2019

Latest info is above from our twitter Facebook feed, cheers.

July 8 , 2017

The Restarts are proud to be playing London Gay Pride march as part of Punx Pride! A float designed to welcome diversity within the punk scene! Us Queers ARE EVERYWHERE!!

sBring it on xxx

Dec 5 , 2016

Above is our confirmed tour dates for Southeast Asia (with Millions of Dead Cops, Elected Officials and Disabled) and Australian and NZ! Up to date tour info can be found on our Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr pages. Hope to see you on the road.

Sept 11 , 2014

As it is impossible to maintain and update several social websites we are now including our twitter feed above.

Dec 5 , 2013

Our European leg of Spread the Sickness tour was incredible! Thank you for all the support - Even the Monday gig rocked (in Zagreb - thank you Tomi). Huge thanks goes out to Mary at Turbo Booking, Little Joe for doing Merch, and all the venues, squats and organisers along the way (old and new). We now have the 2nd pressing of A Sickness of the Mind on WHITE vinyl (+ pull out gatefold poster/Lyrics/DL code) available on our webshop! See you at GBH this Saturday =)

Nov 21 , 2013

Above is our tourdates for the Spread the Sickness Euro Tour 2013! Looking forward to hitting the road again. We will have the new Vinyl Repress (on white vinyl) for the tour. See ya there

Sep 30 , 2013

Thanks to Daggers Punk Promo for a great night at The Pipeline with PAIN and Coreball. And an even bigger thanks to all of you htat bought up the Ltd Ed LP of A Sickness of the Mind! It is now sold out. We will be repressing in time for our European Tour in November. We are also restocking all our tshirts as well....stay tuned.

Aug 30 , 2013

Fuk Reddin was an absolute blinder! Huge thanks to all involved in and special thanks to the staff at T-Chances for having us. Next up we are in Cambridge doing a gig with Last Gang in Town promotions Sat Aug 31st (who did an Awesome job running the Devils Kicks tent at Boomtown). This will be on of the last gigs at The Man on the Moon pubso it will be a great bash but rest assured Alec and Laura will continue putting on kick ass gigs in some new venue somewhere.

x ReStaRts

Aug 21st , 2013

Well holee shit I plum forgot about updating this! Too damn busy updating these corporate timewasting sites??? : /

Anyhow it has been an amazing two months! Starting from the Release gig back on June 21st! absolute CRACKER! We are now almost sold out fo the 500 Ltd edition LPs! Thank you to all you vinyl enthusiasts out there. The CDs are steadliy shifting aswell (We will soon have it up on itunes and spotify etc - hang tight).

Huge thanx go out to Resist to Exist. Monteparadiso, Rebellion and Boomtown - some absolutely crazy festivals! We are still recovering ;)

Have just added some upcoming flyers above - hope to see you soon

xthe Restarts

June 10th, 2013


Im memory of Clément Méric murdered by Fascist skinheads in Paris! Politics are shifting to the right at an alarming rate, we need to sit up and recognise the signs. Idiots are fire bombing mosques in the UK, bigots are bashing gay people in France. Politicians like Marine Le Pen and Nigel Farage conveniently distance themselves when violence (and in this case murder) flare up. Politicians who are in denial of the seeds they are sowing.
We are not Political Punks or PC punks we are people who have an opinion!
We are Anti Fascist, Anti homophobic, Anti sexist, Anti Racist PUNK ROCK!
Any fence-sitting, "apolitical" assholes in the scene please do us a favour and FUCK OFF!
RIP Clément Méric

June 4th, 2013

We now invite you to downlaod two songs off the new album FREE! click download above on the Soundcloud player! ENJOY! Please remember to get your tickets for the Boston Arms release gig on June 22nd (Above). See you there.

May 3rd, 2013

Holy Shit time is flying!!! We have now leaked one track off the NEW album (A Sickness of the Mind) - the song Drone Attack deals with the slippery slope of "remote control killing" that America is currently excercising. The UK is now following suit which is ultimatley alarming (but somehow not suprising.)

We are also asking people to pre order the album as we are currently drowning in debt from recording this master piece! So yes we have our begging bowls in hand and would encourage you to help us out! We not only need to cover our recording costs but also the maunfacturing of the LPs and CDs. The UP side is you will be the first to have the album (hopefully) long before June 21st...and also the Vinyl is limited to only 500 - so it will sell out.

looking forward to Jun 21st!!!

Mar 7th, 2013

12 songs DOWN! we are in teh final stages of mixing, and will have the new CD/LP available for June 22nd at our release show. Will be including some teasers soon. Hope to see you at our upcoming gigs which we now update through Songkick.


Oct 30th, 2012

Hot Damn - time is flying! Okay so we've had our heads down cramming to get this new material out. We got about 8 songs so far, and is sounding pretty full on. Will keep you posted as soon as any updates become available. We have just restocked the web shop (follow link above) and hopefully sometime in the springit will include our NEW ALBUM!! Alright peeps, all the best, happy Halloween and catch you soon. x The Restarts

Aug 8th, 2012

Wow Rebellion was a blast, thanks to all the punters that came down and were tumbling all over each other. The Restarts are taking some time off to wrtie and record our new album - which means we wont be doing any gigs until December (apart from one booked gig in Brighton in November)

so hang tight I will be posting updates abou the new album.

cheers and have a great summer

xThe Restarts

Aug 1st, 2012

We had a great July full of festivals - Thank you's go out to Mary at Turbo booking, all the people at Krach Am Bach festival, Belgium punks picnic crew, and The Force Attack crew for having us out to play. We had a brilliant time at all of them.

We are now about to head up to Blackpool for Rebellion 2012 and look forward to another 4 days of mayhem! The line up looks great this year and will no doubt be a wonderful celebration of PUNK ROCK. The Restarts will be running our merch table all weekend (in the usual spot). Look forward to seeing you all.

x The Restarts

July 3rd, 2012

Sorry for the long break... too much work to try and keep this shit updated!! Webpage/facebook/emails?? Cant cope...but anyhow summer is here (despite the rain) so gearing up for some fun festivals. Click the posters above to get info about the festivals! We hope to see you there.

RECORDING UPDATE: Things have gotten a bit side tracked so we are now scheduled to record in September 2012 and hopefully have a new album done for end of October. Will keep you posted.

We are currently restocking our merch in time for Rebellion 2012, We will have a table up there all weekend.

Cheers Kieran

Feb 9th, 2012

We got some exciting gigs coming up, and we are keeping busy writing new material for a release hopefully out in August 2012! We have also edited together some video footage we have had since 2010 - the song Backwards featured at the Memorial Gig for Skinny (Coitus) at the Brixton Jamm. hope you like it.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the next few gigs!

Jan 4th, 2012

WELCOME TO 2012! I hope you all had a great NYE celebration. yes our merch shop is back up online, sorry for the long delay, I was too tied up. The tshirts still need some restocking but what we do have available is up there.

The Restarts are hibernating in creative mode and we hope to have a new Musical (noise?) offering for you in early summer, hence we wont be gigging as much over these cold winter months. So look forward to an explosion of noise this summer. BRING ON THE APOCALYPSE! All the best x

Dec 15th, 2011

This is in response to the humiliating stifling of freedom of expression going on in Aceh, Indonesia! Punk is a state of mind, it is not embodied in a hairstyle or a piece of clothing, you cannot extinguish an idea with a set of hair clippers. The punks who attended the orphan benefit in Aceh have been stripped of all human rights, robbed of their identity in a humiliiting and degrading manner. Punk is about creating change and - WANTING TO CHANGE THINGS THAT ARE SHIT IN THIS WORLD! What the Aceh Police have inadvertantly done is create a call to arms for all punk rockers and believers of freedom to unite in solidarity against oppression! From the Arab Spring to the oppression in Syria THE WORLD IS WATCHING! Humans WILL NOT get away with oppressing other humans, we are rapidly evolving passed that stage.



sign the petition
BBC report
Video about Indonesia punk scene


Sept 25th, 2011

Things are now all finally in place for our Euro toru with US buddies Dreadful Children! Som elas tminute preperations with getting the van MOT'd and we are on our way! We start off in Amsterdam with Antidote at teh Occi - hope to see you there!

Also will be closing the webshop while we are on the road...so youll have to wait til after Oct 22 before we re open!

Aug 17th, 2011

Okay this is a multi post! As we been having too much fun! From the DIY fest in Gdansk to Force Attack in Rostock then onto Blackpool Rebellion Fest and stumbling into Boomtown Fair we've barely had time to catch our breath! Our sincerest THANK YOU's to all involved and that contacted us and invited us to play. We hope to do it all again next year!

I apologise for slacking on updating gigs and event, but I just never seem to have the time - however I am going to MAKE time dammit!! I cant be bothered trying to negotiate alll this "Event building" and faffing around on facebook etc. So I want you to know that the list at the top of this page is DIFINITIVE! if ti is up there then WE ARE PLAYING, if it aint then chances are there is a mistake!

okay looking forward to reknaws Fuk Reddin!!! bring on the CHAOS!


April 30th, 2011

Aaahh finaly back home - the bittersweet end of a great tour! So much fun we didnt want it to end but at the same we were like some bleary eyed soldiers broken battered and voicless! Much respect and THANKS to Rebel Spell, Joey Only, Wendy 13, Dreadful Children, Lonny, Lisa from the Morgue, Alan Despotic, Muppet Fetish, Scott Alcoholocaust, BOB, Dutch & Breanna and co, Mike and Blag, Jello and ALL the west Coast Pyrate Punx!!

TOUR PICS can be seen HERE https://www.facebook.com/media/set/fbx/?set=a.10150149375719111.300233.93107834110

Also check out our Radio Like You Want interview with Mike (former Neat Neat Neat host) & Blag (Dwarves)
You can download the podcast on the left side of hteior website (click the image below)



also check their archived podcast interviews, there is some gems in there!!



From our Canadian friends on the upcoming tour...

Sound Resistance Radio and The Rebel Spell present:
RESTARTS WESTERN CANADA TOUR: March 31-April 12th 2011

Kieran from the Restarts contacted Joey Only, very late in the game
asking for help. With only 7 weeks before they were due to come
to Canada the Restarts had no tour booked...but Joey Only and
Todd Serious took the horse by the reins and went to work
willingly for them as the Restarts are possibly the best DIY
punk rock band in the universe.

They are an intelligently political band and are genuinely
opposed to bigotry in all it's forms! They are a rockin three
piece set-up who has been playing all around the world for a
long time already. They particularly like playing all ages
shows, connecting with the youth and setting up the shows DIY
style...with no corporate record label doing the work for them.

Joey Only first seen them play in 1997 when they came to
Spiderland Punkfest to celebrate what was the 61st birthday of
punk rock legend Warren-Spider-Hastings. When Spider died in
February 2010 at the age of 73 the Restarts released a tribute
video called the PIED PIPER OF PUNK ROCK! The Restarts loved
Spider and in return they were one of Spider's all-time
favorite bands!!

Now they are slated to come to Western Canada before sliding
south to play a big festival later in April, you can hear the
PIED PIPER OF PUNK ROCK song live if you live in one of the
towns posted below....we hope you won't miss this historic
opportunity to see one of the truly great anti-corporate punk
bands of our time. For most of the tour they will be
accompanied by the Rebel Spell, who are probably Vancouver's
best known and most loved punk band.

There are still some dates we are trying to fill, by all means,
if you think you can help us book a show to complete the
itinerary you would be doing us all a great favor! We are
especially looking for a southern Alberta show for Friday April
8th, we'd be particularly interested in booking an all ages


--Here are the dates below that we have set up so far:

-THURS.MARCH.31: VANCOUVER BC: Funky Winkerbeans/Thrasherbalt:
37 West Hastings. 8PM, $15. With AND BACK FROM THE BAND

April 1st. With host Joey Only on CFRO 102.7FM Co-op Radio.
Can be heard online at (www.coopradio.org). Don't forget,
that's Pacific Standard Time!!

-FRI.APRIL.1: VICTORIA BC: Victoria Legion, Trafalgar:
Pro-Patria Branch 411 Gorge Road East. Doors at 7pm, bands at
7:30pm sharp! $13 in advance, tickets at ticketweb.ca, and at
Lyle's Place and the BC Smoke Shop. With THE REBEL SPELL,
AK-47, BLOOD NASTY. Entrance is off of Dunedin Street.

-SAT.APRIL.2: CAMPBELL RIVER BC: Elks Lodge: 516 S.Dogwood
BEINGS (their first show).


-WED.APRIL.6: EDMONTON AB: DV8: 8307 99 Street Northwest
Edmonton, AB - (780) 760-0077. With THE REBEL SPELL and more.

-THURS.APRIL.7: CALGARY AB: The Palomino: Centre and 7th. With

SPELL and more.


--LOOKING FOR GIGS STILL FOR April 3-4, 8th and 10th. CONTACT



MARCH 26th...stay tuned!! Thanx for your support, don't miss
THE RESTARTS if they come to your town!!

Feb 3rd, 2011

There have been a few changes in our plans. MDC are pushing their dates back a few months so we will keep you posted on that front. In April we will be coming to Western Canada (BC and Alberta) so keep your ears to the ground, we will be posting all relevant info on here (and the other timewasting sites!!)

We are also planning to write an new album this year as we can all feel new songs buring in our bellies! We have also comfirmed forDIY fest in Gdansk (July 8), Force Attack in Torgau (July 30) and Blackpool Rebellion (Aug 4-7). Hope to see you on the road!

Jan 10th, 2011

Happy New Year to you all! Hope you had a good un!

I am currently trying to get on top of updating everything! 2011 looks to be a busy year for us. We will be knuckling down to write some new material that you can blow your eardrums out to - will keep you posted on our progress! Amongst the preliminary plans for this year we have a possible Canadian tour on the cards, then hopefully getting down to Oakland to play the BOB fest 2011. We are doing a quick jaunt over to Brno to play with Antidote! Plus we have some selected gigs dotted around thew UK.

MDC will be gracing these shoresin May/June time, so we will be joining them on continentla Europe for some chaotic fun and then draggin their Dead cop Asses back through the UK. So keep your ears to the ground.

talk soon

over and out!


Oct 20th, 2010

We had an absolute blast in Brittany, such great punx there, made us feel right at home and very light headed at the same time! Was so nice to see old friends from 7-8 years ago! We will make a point of coming back more often!

Much thanks to Laurent and Coverdose, Ramoneurs de Menhirs, Tortoise, Eric, Pek and Yovan, keep doing what you do!


Oct 6th, 2010

Thanks to Trashorama in Manchester for a great gig and after party at Homo electric, mad night! Also big shout out to Jake Meathook for sorting out Brum - top night.

Next on the cards is a dirty weekend over in Brittany...

Sept 29th, 2010

Thanks to all on the European September tour...we had a great time and got to catch up with alot of old friends...and met some new ones aswell.

Hope to see you in Manchester @ Retro Bar (after the Steve Ignorant gig) Friday Oct 1st and Saturday in Birmingham (Free gig at the Adam & Eve)

Below is a few songs from our gig in Gronigen!!!


Aug 4th, 2010

Okay last minute organising for Blackpool Rebellion festival! First off The Restarts play on Thursday eve in The Empress Ballroom at 7:20 hope to see you there early to kick off the weekend.

Also we will be displaying the above mentioned artwork at the Punk Art show at Rebellion, one week later the online auction will start, if you know anyone who would be interested please forway the iinfo to them. If you click on the artwork links it will take you to eBay wher eyou can then click "watch this item" so it will remind you when the auction starts.


xThe Restarts

June 22nd, 2010

Okay we are gearing up for Canada in July!! The main focus of the trip was to come and play Spiderfest on July 10th to comemorate our fallen friend Warren Hastings! The event is designed to raise funds for a tombstone for Spiders grave. I will be raffling off the original framed artwork at Spider fest. Looking forward to seeing old and new friends on the road.

x the Restarts


June 9th, 2010

Thanks to everyone who helped us along the way on the MDC USA tour. We had a fantastic time and big props to MDC for taking us under their wings! even despite the set backs in Houston Texas we still managed to continue and have a total blast. toom many people to thank individually - you know who you are!

Im sorry about the webshop, we need to restock everything, and like total plums we forgot some of our merch in minneapolis, which means by the time i get all the stuff back and open the shop up we will then be in Canada!!

Anyhow looking forward to coming back to Canuckistan again!!! up the punks and Vive le SPIDER!!!!

May 3rd, 2010

Had a great tour in Europe, thank you to everyone that came out, especially all the people in Zagreb and Modena!! We are now gearing up to leave for America for our USA tour with MDC. Cant wait to get there. We have posted the final comfirmed dates for the east coast extention. see you on the road.


x The Restarts

April 13th, 2010

We just got back from Greece and Turkey - we had an amazing time! The organization and hospitality was second to none and tyhe gigs were fantastic. Big thank you's to 77-82 Punk Rock Team in Athens, Street Attack Squat Crew in Thessaloniki and Wargasm Kolektif in Istanbul! we look forward to coming back soon.

A quick update on merch, we are now out of the clear vinyl Mobocracy LPs, we may have one or two left when we hit the road on thursday...but they will most definitely be gone in the first few gigs. We have had to temporarily close the web shop while we are on the road, so that will re-open when we get back from the USA tour on June 5th!

We are also in the process of adding a few more gigs to the USA tour (on our own) these will be in the New York Area. please check back for udates.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the Road

xthe Restarts

March 9th, 2010

What can I say, we were blown away by everyones support last Saturday at the Skinny Memorial! THANK YOU! Was a great Atmosphere all night, and we raised a HUGE amount of Money for SKinny's family, just goes to show what an amazing scecnen we have here - proper FAMLY!! Big Shout outs to Mik, Coitus, Reknaw and everyone that helped with the door and general organization. Cheers also to Sly for this great video montage (Below)!

Onwards and upwards - Our Mobocracy Split LPs ARE NOW available on our merch page!!

x The Restarts


March 6th, 2010

Big shout out to Alex, Danny, Bianca, Ronja, and Fred for helping coordinate our Euro Weekend - We had a blast! We ended up collecting our LP vinyl release of Mobocracy, but the pressing plant forgot to include the lyric sheet!!! very frustrating...but alas they have arrived today in the post! They will be available to buy as soon as i can update the webshop! The European release has only 100 copies onclear vinyl - once these sel out there will only be black vinyl - so get em quick beofre they go (t also comes with agatefold poster of the album cover artwork)

Tonight is going to be a special gig - it is the memorial benefit gig for Skinny from Coitus. We are truly gutted he has gone, and look forward to helping tonight to be an amazing send off! Up the punks RIP Skinny

Dec 21st, 2009

Thank you so much to everyone who came out in Derby, Sheffield and Stoke-on-trent we had a brilliant weekend. Hope to see some of you again shortly after boxing day as we venture back up to Birmingham for a gig with Drongos Dun2def and Rotunda Sunday Dec 27.


x the Restarts

Dec 12th, 2009

Sorry have been slacking a bit here, forgive me, have been burning the candle at both ends so to speak. We are in the process of releasing "Mobocracy" on vinyl LP as a co-release between NO LABEL records and DIRTY FACES records in Germany. This will be out in the early new year. next week we are about to head up north for a few gigs with the Subhumans in Derby Sheffield and our own gigs (with Wonk Unit) in Stoke. After xmas we will gig with Drongos up in Brum!! Hope to see you there - we all know after a week of xmas tv you need a good does of punk rock to bring you back to earth!!

On the touring front we plan on being in Czech Republic Jan 14 - 17, Italy France Germany April 16 - 27 and we are in the works of booking the USA with MDC in May.

okay all the best
xThe Restarts

Sept 3rd, 2009

Thanks to everyone who made Fuk Reddin a great weekend, even though I cant rememebr fuck all from Sunday!! Respect to Risky & Bev and all who helped out - well done!

This weekend finds us playing the Plymouth Punks Picnic (our first time there!!!!) and then we will be embarking on an 8 hour drive to Newcastle to play with the Subhumans the very next day!! We pray(?) there is no traffic congestion!

Also we have just been added to the JELLO BIAFRA and the Guantanamo School of Medecine gig on Tues Sept 8th at the Islington Academy! Jello has a new band featuring memebers from Faith No More and Victims Family, they have a new CD coming out and the lyrics are amazing (as you would expect) If you would like to come please email

or message

with your first and last name and you will be put on guest list which will allow you to pay £8.50 on the door instead of £15!

Doors 7.00pm

Moral Dilemma On-stage – 8.00pm – 8.30pm
The Restarts On-stage – 8.45pm – 9.15pm
Jello Biafra On Stage - 9.45pm

Curfew 11pm

hope to see ya there!!!

Aug 12th, 2009

Well we survived Rebellion weekend, was a total blast! I happy to report the NEW CD split with MDC "Mobocracy" is now available from our online shop! please click the flyer above!

It will be coming out on Rodent popsicle and Crash Assailant records in America so save yourself some money and shop local!

We would like to convey ahuge sincere thank yuou to everyone that supports us at Rebellion, was great to see it the Arean was sold out (even though i reckon we could squeezed about 100 more people in !!

okay bye for now...see you in the pit!

July 17th, 2009

I am happy to report our NEW split CD with MDC will be available for August 6th, so we will have it at this years Rebellion, up in Blackpool. We are playing the Arena stage on friday night at 10:10 pm, we are looking forward to seeing you there!

Hopefully see some of you tonight or in Bath Tomorrow!

up the punks!!

May 9th, 2009

The Online shop is up and running and the NEW EP is available! We are restocking the tshirts at the moment and will have all sizes in stock sometime next week. Meanwhile we do have the new SLIM FIT Tees of Dead Planet.


x The Restarts

May 1st, 2009

Just back from our Euro Tour 2009 - What a blast that was! One huge GIANT punk-tastic THANK YOU to everyoine that heloped us out, some were old friends and some new ones too, you all did a great job and helped contribute to a wonderful tour.

At the moment we are updateing the online shop so it will be down for a few days. When its back up live we will have the new 4 way split available and the dead planet in girly slim fit shirts! so check back in a few days

up the punks!!!!

March 4th, 2009

Has been a while...we have been busy in the last few months. We have recorded a total of 10 new songs, one of which will be on a 4way split 7" ep called Human EP. we will be splitting this with MDC, Phobia and Embrace the Kill. We will be releasing the European release on No Label Records! We also recorded a cover version for a Rudimentary Pene covers CD (we did Radio Schizo) that will be coming out on Pumpkin records. We then have 8 songs to go on a split CD with MDC which we are hoping to have out in April, but may be pushed back to May!

We are currently planning a European Tour in April which you can see the dates for on our myspace page...so hopefully we will be seeing you in your town soon!

Dec 1st, 2008

Okay lots to report here...all is well and we are keeping busy! thanks to all at punkIllegal in Gothenburg for a great weekend. Top class treatment and top class festival thanks again.

Last nights gig with Flux, Subhumas and Rubella Ballet was a great gig, lots of faces we havent seen in years! Lots of wee people too! at one poin the gig looked like a bloody creche!! Great Stuff! and once again that to all who showed up at the unearthly early hour of 6:15!!! lol At the moment we are writing new material. this will be with Bram on druming duties, as Darragh has left to persue his Trashcat project. We wish him the best of luck.

We have booked some Decmeber gigs with Gewapend Beton from Amsterdam and are looking forward to hitting a few cities we havent played before. The 1 in 12 New Years Eve party looks to be a good one, hti swill also be our first time playing at this historical punk social center! we are looking forward to bringing in the new year with a bunch of tanked up disco dancing punk rockers!!!

We have also planned another venture over to Ireland for three gigs taking us as far west as Galway! We will be playing Dublin with the legendary Paranoid Visions and looking forward to seeing all our Belfast chums again.

until then...

Oct 25th, 2008

Thanks to everyone in at Bristol Antifa for a great gig (The Blaggers tore the place up!) and additional thanks Clive and Co at the Bridgehouse 2 in Canning town. finally a shout goes out to Buz for the Brighton gig and the the almighty King Blues for a great night! We are looking forward to playing Gothenburg next week at the Punk Illegal festival (Defcon Zero from London have also been added to the bill) so should be a stormer. Anyhow sorry for my lack of updating skills...this is too much like a bloody job!!!

up the punks

Aug 15th, 2008

Thanks to everyone who came to see us in Blackpool! we had an amazing time! we have finally got the online shop back open! These things take time.

will keep this short but look forward to seeing you all in Birmingham and at Fuk Reading!


July 21st, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates...has been a bit crazy lately. After getting back from America and Canada we went straight out to Madrid to do a gig with Varukers and Oi Polloi and SS Kalliert. we had a great time, but havent had a chance to sit down and sort our shit outf!!! I am planning to do a USA tour diary, although our driver Neil has already done a photo journal wich can be viewed here coyotephoto.net.

We have two local London gigs coming up (see flyers above) before we venture off to Blackpool, so hope to see you there. Also we are in the midst of getting more shirts and stock done , so hence the online shop still not open...please be patient.


May 07th, 2008

So we now have all the confirmed dates in for the USA/Canada tour! (with one or two final tweeks needed) but all is well. We are looking forward to coming over, as it has been a long 4 years since our last visit! Please feel free to help spread the word, as we rely on the DIY ethos to inform people!!

so see you in your city soon

The Restarts


Mar 11th, 2008

The USA is in the finalising stages, we will be releasing the confirmed dates soon (dates already confirmed are posted on Myspace). We will be starting May 29th in Toronto, going down around New York for a few gigs, then working our way up from dallas up the west coast and ending in Vancouver on June 22!

Outsider is now available on LP!!! so for all you vinyl junkies please see details on where to order it on the merch page.

We will be performing at City Invasion in Bolton and London (see flyer) and would like to thank all the people in Belfast for a fucking great weekend and gig! (see Belfast Blog on myspace page). we wil have one or two other london gigs before we venture off to the states, so will keep you posted...until then


Dec 17th, 2007

Just got back from our Leeds, sheffield and Manchester excursion! thanks to everyone that came out and made the gigs great! and extra thanks goes out to Steve Caldwell, Steve Hyland, Stu BSD and Debs & Mark, and Pingu.

Also Belated thanks to the following: Trayuka & Friends for setting up the Spain Tour- nice one Lads!! Our mates Mange & Tom and all at "Punk Illegal" for showing us great hospitality and a great punk weekend in Sweden! Matt (Pumpkin Recs) for Bideford Gig, Laura and Alec for Cambridge and Lianne for the Newport gig!

Finally we have got Outsider on LP, so for all you vinyl junkies you can now get it on wax, the Dead Planet poster that comes with it is A0 size (59cmx42cm). we wont be gigging until the new year, so all the best in 2008 - see you somewhere!!

and happy new year!!

Oct 5th , 2007

Sorry, I have been neglecting this site, The myspace site is easier to update, and lets face it I dont really have time to man two flipping sites ; )

Okay we have confirmed a bunch of UK gigs please see myspace for these. The Outsider CD is moving well, we have had to repress already, thanks to all you peo[le that support independent music! We plan to have it licensed and distributed by Dirty Faces out of Bochum Germany. They will also be doing the vinyl version of Outsider which should be out before the new year.

We will be playing in Sweden Nov 1-3 then Spain and the Basque Country Nov 29 - Dec 2 we are also planning on touring in the USA/Canada in spring 2008 and a small tour of Italy in April 2008...any confirmed info will be posted on myspace and here (but first on myspace)

hope to see you soon !

June 3rd , 2007

The NEW CD is ready and now available online! We will be selling the CD cheap (£5) at our CD Release gig on June 9th. Otherwise you can get it from us here for £7 postage paid...and have it delivered to your door! We will also make it available at All Ages Records in Camden Town. To answer a few questions, YES we are planning on releasing it on LP and we are also planning on releasing (licensing it ) in America and on the European continent, so it will be easier to get a hold of!

A Big thanks goes out to Distubance for setting up the 10 tour in Europe..we had a total blast. If you get a chance check out Disturbances new CD "Shades of Fear" brilliant stuff.

Also Thanks to Dave and the Folks from the Dudley Arms in Rhyl, NWales for the Dirty weekend gig! Nice one Lads!

May 14th , 2007

well we have had a crazy two weeks! We finished recording and mixing all 13 songs and then at the last minute we encountered problems beyond our control! This made us miss our deadline (to have CDs ready for the tour).They will however be ready for our June 9th Release party in Stepney, East London! WE hope to see you there!
We owe a huge 'THANK YOU' to the Boys from Left For Dead and their mate Russ who really helped us out with our Mastering dilemma! Without them this release would not have happened!!
So we are now tying up loose ends and getting ready to head off on tour...and we apologise in advance for not having the new CD with us, but we will be playing some of the new material for you to sample!!! (also some NEW songs are uploaded on Myspace for you to check out and download) The CD 'OUTSIDER' will be available to buy online in our shop JUNE 3RD!!

Look forward to seeing you all on the road
up the punks!!!

Apr 11th , 2007

BOB fest 2007 in Bath was a week to be remembered! every night was a blinder, seeing old friends and making new ones! Respect goes out to Bill Collins and his acoustic performance, where he played the original version of Big Rock Candy Mountain...and to the Fracas who Rocked the HOUSE, those boys we're 'bloodied but unbowed' ...LITERALLY!! (after an altercation on a London night bus!!!) anyhow ALL the performances were great and Kudos goes out to all the organisers!

Will be back with recording updates etc

Apr 2nd , 2007

Well the Birmingham gig was great! Thanks to all involved in putting it on and to all the bands and punters that showed up, and in particular Contempt who did all the ground work and supplied the backline (not to mention playing a blinding set!!) Special thanks to all the punks who came straight up to us bearing gifts of ice cold beer upon our arrival - very cool! (...and we thought it was only in Germany where beer is thrust in your face the second you get out of the van! lol)

So on Monday the 9th-15th we are locking our selves in the studio to finish this recording off once and for all...we have been working long and hard on this, and want to get it right! The material is coming along nicely, we got a mixture of fast paced punk, upbeat ska and the usual thrashy stuff...
we plan to have it ready for our "Euroshima Tour 2007" with Rotterdams Disturbance in May, the dates so far:

THU 17 - 05 - 2007 Liege@The Factory BE (with Christ on Parade)

FRI 18 - 05 - 2007 Nancy@AZIMUT 854 FR

SAT 19 - 05 - 2007 TBC?.

SUN 20 - 05 - 2007 Amsterdam@Maloe Melo(Rebellion afterparty) NL

TUE 22 - 05 -2007 potsdam @the Archiv

WED 23 - 05 -2007 berlin @ wild at heart

THU 24 - 05 - 2007 Vienna@fluc

FRI 25 - 05 - 2007 Munchen@orange club (pogorausch fest)DE

SAT 26 - 05 - 2007 Giessen@10 Jahr Pestpocken DE

alright see you all in Bath for the BOB fest next week!

cheers The Restarts

Mar 11th , 2007

Tuesday night in Kingston was a great night out! thanks to all involved! Both Hot Rocket Trio and Time Again put on amazing shows. Cheers to all the people that made the effort on a weekday night! Thanks again to Tim from Distorted Magazine for the interview, check it out http://www.distortedmagazine.com/
We are planning a short ten day tour of Europe with Rotterdams' Disturbance at the end of May, we will have our NEW CD done by then so please keep a look out for tour dates (we will post them when the tour is fully confirmed!)
over and out!

Feb 19th , 2007

Okay thanks to all the South London Punks and to Joe for the gig in Dirty South on Friday. Much Respect!! Not much else to report. Our next gig is March 6th in Kingston, hope to see you soon

Feb 11th , 2007

Newport was a blast! thanks for making it kick off...and cheers to all the Bristol punks for making it down, plus once again cheers to the Belfast posse!All the Bands were GREAT!...and a big shout out To TJ's, Lianne and Darren for the gig.

>To answer all the 'recording questions' we are shooting to have it done for May...and then will be doing a short Euro tour with Disturbance later the same month. will keep you posted when we have more info.

Dec 14th , 2006

Thanks for everybody thatcame out to the Sebright gig! We had a lot of fun! Unfortunately the people who run the pub werent that impressed. We really need to concentrate on 'not taking the piss' with people that open their doors to us!
Bringing in your own booze and scattering your empty cans around the floor is inexcuseable! We will all be the losers in the end...as they probably wont have us back to play....if that continues!
And we realise that the pool lights getting smashed was an accident, but maybe checking to see if all was alright woulda been cool...instead of leaving US with the £200 damage fee!

> On a lighter note, the recording is coming along nicely, we have 8 songs so far, and will write and record more in the new year! See pictures on our myspace page!

> We also have new merchandise, Girly tops (printed with Silver ink) and we now have all patches in stock
Ciao for now!!!

Dec 2nd , 2006

> okay
thanks to all the folks at the Birmingham and London gigs who made us feel so welcome. We were sure no one would show up at the early time slot (6:10) but were pleasantly surprised! Greetings to all the Belfast crew and the French and Italian punks who we met!
We are preparing for next weeks gig at The Sebright Arms, a new pub that is opening its doors to live gigs. See flyer above for details.

This week we will also be laying down vocal tracks to eight new songs. We will be doing some more songs to make it a full length release hopefully to be released in early 2007!
we will keep you posted.

Nov 15 th, 2006

> sorry for the extended silence, the accesability of myspace seems to be making independent website redundant?

So we have been busy on the new recording, we have got 8 songs so far and plan on doing another batch to make a full length album for 2007. We thank you for your patience (I know weve been banging on about this since februaury).

Our next appearances will be in Birmingham and London Islington academys Nov 24-25(see flyer above) plus there is more info on the myspace page. Both these gigs have a very early curfew so you should be down there 6pm sharp if you want to see all 4 bands (The Restarts will be on stage soon after 6pm!) We Look forward to seeing you down there!

June 26 th, 2006

> I have just realised the contact link on here isnt working, I apologise if you have written and got no repsonse (that is because I didnt get it). Please contact us through myspace until I get a chance to get this fixed.

> Have added our next two gigs P.O.B. is in Bremen, Germany Sept 2nd and with Conflict and Subhumans, Lost Cherees Nov 25th...hope to see you there.

May 10th , 2006

> Okay...sorry have been neglecting this site for a while! First off thanks to everyone for supporting us in Birmingham and Amsterdam.

> Merch Page has been updated (see below), we now have the Fuck Corp Punk tshirts available,We have New metal etched plates and an assortment of new and out of stock patches.

> We are still in the process of writing the new material and is going well ...we are hoping to have it out for the Summer. we dont think we will be able to make the USA this year...but we will have to see. We will post ANY developments as soon as they are confirmed, so please note that the answer to "when are you coming to the USA?" is .... "We dont know????" ; )

> Our next gigs are listed above and on the gigs page we will be playing Aachen the day before Frankfurt, but have yet to get a flyer or info.

Jan 17th , 2006

> Hope you all survived the New Year! Things are coming along nicely with new material..will keep you posted on that.
As we said before we WONT BE GIGGING until May.

> However our next gig will be Academy in the UK in Birmingham, Sunday April 30th! see flyer above, it is an all dayer and your truly will be playing ...first! at 2pm, so any revelers eager enough to be the first through the doors will be greatly welcomed!

Dec 7th , 2005

> Our next gig (and last gig for a while) will be with Hard Skin Dec 16th

> The new material is coming along nicely...to concentrate on this we have decided to take a break from gigging! We appreciate all the requests for gigs but will be abstaining until we get on top of this new stuff. So we will NOT be available for gigs prior to MAY 2006.

> We will also be revamping the website and coming up with new merch etc...so bear with us.

>All the best in the new year ...and hopefully you get through all this Xmas bollocks painlessly!

Nov 12th , 2005

> The Harry Callaghan gig in Dublin was fantastic! We had a great time and was great to see so many old and new friends! I will be trying to put a gallery together from the event, anyone with any good photos pleasr email them to me...thanks.

* LOST EMAILS* any emails between Nov 8th and Nov 12 were lost...my email client is fucking me around. There was one email from Bogota, Columbia ...please write again!

>We have added one gig with HardSkin on Sat, Dec 17th at the Freebutt in Brighton .

Oct 27th , 2005

> Okupational Hazard was great fun, thanks to all those involved, Reknaw, Flatpig, IT, and especially PAIN for swapping time slots with us...much appreciated. We are now getting our stuff ready for the Dublin gigs...we will just be bringing CDs due to weight restrictions on ryanair! We look forward to seeing you all...line up the guiness's.

Oct 10th , 2005

> Here is our next gigs (click on flyers above) come check it out...both will be amazing.

> We are still ironing out our plans for a new recording and release and then we will concentrate on gigging. We appreciate all the offers and questions about when we will be touring, but to be honest until we get this recording in motion we really be doing any extensive gigging

> As you may have noticed some 'no-brainer' hacked into our chat forum, and due to my lack of knowledge ended up deleting everything : ( I have now reinstalled a new message forum and would like to welcome you all back to it. We really appreciate all the feedback that you give us.

Sept 8th , 2005

> Big thanks to everyone who helped out with the three gigs with Born/Dead, noteably Jof,Jules, M, Sly, PA Rick, Simon, Pete Rose, Totters, Steve(Driving) plus anyone we forgot! Click the link above to see great photos courtesy of John Dye and Diana More-Riddle.

> Our next gig will be in Dublin on October 29 and 30th with Dread Messiah, Coitus and Stricknine DC + more, I will be posting details soon. Thanks again for all the emails inquiring about gig, we will of course post any confirmed gig here or on Myspace, so these will be the first places to look for gig confirmation.

July 16th , 2005

> We are back up and running again, we are concentrating on writing new material, so we wont be gigging alot until we get on top of that. However we will be doing three gigs with Born/Dead from Oakland, CA. see flyer above.

>Thanks for all the emails and messages expressing concern over the London bombings, we are all fine...but now share the fear that Londoners have to bear due to the UK's involvement in the Iraq War.

June 8th , 2005

> Okay sorry for the silence, have got some new updates for ya. We have just got a new video done, Directed and produced by Darragh! You can see this by clicking the image above.

> We have a new Comp CD and New Profane Existence (with yours truly as featured artist) available on the Merch page

> Also check us out on www.myspace.com/therestarts link to us and let the games begin!
>It looks as if our next gigs will be in August with Born Dead (Oakland), I will post these as they are confirmed. They will be Brighton, London and Bristol.

Mar 10th , 2005

> Our plans are all on hold for the moment, we wont be able to make it over to the USA for the summer, sorry about that. We will concentrate on a new recording, and let you know when we reschedule.

Feb 23rd , 2005

>The Restarts Live telephone interview on University of Southern California Radio station... Tonight!! click http://kscr.org at 2am London Time ( 6pm Los Angeles time).

>Still getting feedback on what a great night the Stig memorial was, they managed to raise in excess of £3500 to put into a bursary fund for his kids...nice one!

> We are planning to write a new album and have it out for July 2005, so hopefully all ths goes to plan! we will keep you updated. There is also talks of us Touring the USA again in August. we will let you know as soon as possible.


The Restarts







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