Singer from Icons of Filth dies at Squat gig East London

October 23rd 2004

Its is now 5:25 am on Saturday the 23rd of October, I have just returned from a squat gig, in Homerton East London, organised by Marvin (Varukers),Poison Club squat and Recknaw.
The Gig was Varukers, Icons Of Filth, Short Bus Window Lickers, and Active Slaughter. Fucking Fantastic night.
The whole chain of events seem so strange now looking back.On the way to the gig I met a guy from Finland called Otto. I remember seeing him up front watching Icons of Filth deliver a flawless set. He was a huge Icons Of Filth fan and told me that this was his first time seeing them, we both agreed that it was top rate! Everyone was dancing, young kids, older ones, all singing along to their brilliant lyrics. Reknaw sound systems were shaking the foundations, the PA stacks almost topling over from the crowds was a truly brilliant DIY event.

I had the fortunate pleasure of exchanging a few brief words with Stig before they played, he was his usual approachable self. I commented on how tonight would be much more well attended than their last gig in Hackney (due several gig bookings). He modestly replied that he enjoyed the other gig all the same.
The night was great on all accounts, but we were to later find out not all was well. Stig was feeling sick after Icons of Filths played. This was strange as he seemed to deliver such an impassioned performance. One of the best times I had seen them. He was later sick outside and an ambulance was called. They failed to resuscitate him, he was taken to Homerton Hospital where he was pronounced dead. It is still unsure of what caused his death, (brain hemorrhage or Heart attack) at this point that fact is irrelevant. The Political Punk movement has just lost one of it strongest spokes persons.
As the news spread around the squat people were left in disbelief. The transition from an exhilarating gig - to trying to come to terms with Death unsettling to say the least.
I dont really know what I am trying to achieve by writing this..but I think people just need to stop and digest what has happened. I didnt know Stig, but had spoken with him and admired his ability to write and deliver lyrics.
Icon of Filth embodied the subculture of politically motivated, activist driven punk rock. Their music is manic, passionate, and delivers lyrics that are of an intellectual level, beyond comparison.

Read their lyrics, listen to their music and let it inspire you.

info on Icons of Filth can be found here

for more up to date info visit londonpunks and sign the condolence book

A Benefit will be organised soon. Condolences go out to all close to him

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