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Dirty deeds done rather well....London punks Dirty Love say they're "like Girlschool sucking off Johnny Thunders in the toilets of CBGB". We can't better that description - it hits the nail exactly on the noggin. Trashed is a terrific punk record, full of sham-style stomp and Ramonesy rampage. The fact that Ms Love occasionally reminds you of the girl who sang Johnny Reggae only adds to its charm. Best tracks are the shag'em and shirk'em anthem Instant Gratification (As soon as I come your yesterday's news) and the mature I Believed In You which with its echoey guitar and soaring chorus, could be the first ever example of AOP (Adult Oriented Punk)." Classic Rock

One spin of Trashed and these UK punk'n'rollers will have you hooked. Counting members of Menace, UK Subs and others among their personnel, the quintet add dashes of raunchy 80s rock to a base of 70s punk - and the result is cocky, sassy, sleazy, attitude-laden, energetic and fun. And topped with frontwoman Lizzi Love's wryly amusing lyrics, you cn't help but love it. Terrorizer

I was really excited to hear this full-length after last years 'Baby You Suck' EP. DIRTY LOVE are able to infuse tons of spit and hostility into their infectiously melodic punk rock with huge doses of rock 'n' roll and touches of glam. Sometimes it reminds me of a female-fronted LOWER CLASS BRATS mixed with TEXAS TERRI. Lizzi Love's vocals are fucking great. The pre-eminent attraction of DIRTY LOVE's sound is that they perfectly blend the classic English 1977 punk rock sound with the more-contemporary US take on that classic sound and this is something that really works, this is a balance that's fucking difficult to get right and pull-off but they do it flawlessly. This is a fucking impressive debut and with the experience this band has behind it (features ex-members of UK SUBS, MENACE and THE STAINS among others) it was always going to be a force to be reckoned with. The cover is fucking great too and I canšt stop looking at it. No Front Teeth


4 tracks of vigorous and melodic punk rock with a rock 'n' roll edge, DIRTY LOVE feature members of UK SUBS, MENACE and 53rd & 3rd so there's no lack of experience here! But DIRTY LOVE have a different approach to the aforementioned bands. Sure there's a solid '70s / '80s punk edge but it's mixed in with the pop style of FUR, THE PRIMITIVES, THE DARLING BUDS, THE COGS and TRANSVISION VAMP. There's a real Damaged Goods sound to DIRTY LOVE and that's really cool. It's still tough through the melodies and maintains a raw edge and glues it all together with great vocal lines and melodies and it's sexy and sleazy but charming too. I'd really like to hear a full-length...
No Front Teeth

Remember the days of great party 7"s by Transvision Vamp and The Primitives? Well, Dirty Love have all the class of those singles and none of the filler shit they bored us with. It's raunchy glam/punk with strong tunes and vocals all round and well worded songs that sneer about crap boyfriends. This sounds great and it was recorded in their mate's home studio n'all. 9/10.
Negative Reaction

I caught Dirty Love playing with Abrasive Wheels and Refuse/All in London at the Kings Arms, Acton. They feature long serving members of other punk bands such as Menace, UK Subs and Case. I never got to hear Case themselves but I remember their graffiti campaign around London in the early eighties - in fact in Southwark you can still find 'Case' on a wall - it's a punk rock classic.

Anyway, back to the point. As far as I can tell Dirty Love play a 77 style punk rock with lyrics about sex, guys not knowing what to do to please a woman during sex and err, more songs about sex. They had a great banter with the crowd and knocked out some decent tunes along the way.With such a pedigree of playing in fine bands the music was well thought out, catchy and delivered with punch.
Art of the State

NEW band featuring Clara Zero from Zero Tolerance and UK Subs, Albert Awful from Menace and Dirty Rob from 53rd and 3rd along with singer Lizzi and drummer Marty Love. I don't really need to write much about this as their press release says it all: "Dirty Love is four tracks of punked-up rock 'n' roll, like Girlschool sucking off Johnny Thunders in CBGB's toilets". I'm sure anyone hearing this would agree. 77 punk US style from a London band. Well worth tracking down. 4 out of 5.
Punk & Oi! In The UK

DIRTY Love took Stoke Newington by storm with their debut gig, complete with lights and bubbles, at Ryan’s bar last Tuesday evening. The glam-punk five-piece played original material and covers by The Sweet, David Bowie and Johnny Thunders, with musical accuracy and plenty of attitude.
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14/06/05 Punk and Oi! in the UK


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