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Dirty Love are:

Lizzi Love/ vocals
Madam Ant/ bass
Albert Awful/ guitar
Alien/ drums


It's 2011 and where did all the time go?


New line - up and new album on the way.

Here's a quick summary...First it was Liz (vox) and Clara (bass) who really wanted Albert Awful (Guitar),he brought Scot Dave (Guitar) and we got Mik Useless (Drums)...That was the beginning...Mik n Dave left and Martin (Drums)n Rob (Guitar) jumped on board...That was the line up for our first recording. Then, Martin and Rob left and Clara moved. Along came Marek (Drums) and also Steve (Drums) and Chris (Bass)...We juggled and struggled but now have a solid and hilariously brilliant line-up...long may it last!! Dirty Love are now spawned from bands such as: Kuntenstein, Clitoris Allsorts, The Stains, Dirty Ho', Coitus, Screamer,Mush...

The Early Days

Since their first appearance in the sweaty basement of an East End boozer, Christmas 2004, Dirty Love have touted their raunchy punk rock 'n' roll round every dive in London, the U.K, Ireland and Europe.

Sharing stages with the likes of Anti Nowhere League, Demented Are Go, Deadline, Alabama 3 and Jayne County, they've won over crowds with their catchy tunes and sneering lyrics about sex, love and hate.

Featuring members of numerous punk bands, including UK Subs, Menace, Case, 53rd & 3rd, Emergency, The Stains and Zero Tolerance, there's no lack of experience which they proved with their acclaimed 'Baby You Suck' EP (March 2005).

Dirty Love released their debut album 'Trashed' in October 2006.