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Blow My Mind (3.82MB)

Don't You Say (2.77MB)

Taken from a split EP with The Destructors. Recorded at The Lodge Recoding Studios Northampton with Jo Willes, Max Read and R.J. Godfrey, Rowdy Farago Records 2008.

£100 p/h (3.28MB)

Taken from the Lex Talionis EP and featured in a one off cd to accompany Halloween gig 30.10.08 @ Eamon Dorans - Dublin. Dirty Love + Paranoid Visions + Moutpiece...good times had by all!!!

Forgive Me (3.8MB)

Not Giving Up (3.6MB)

From our debut album Trashed. Recorded at J Studios with Jesus Las Vegas, March 2006.

Baby You Suck (4MB)

Time To Go (4.5MB)

These songs are from a four-track demo CD recorded at J Studios in Hackney in March 2005. Words and music by Dirty Love. Recorded by Jesus Las Vegas.

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